Monday, January 10, 2011

8th Grade MCAS Comparison

We've been playing with numbers lately and have begun a thorough analysis of MCAS scores. We decided to share the 8th grade spreadsheet that we've 'scraped' from the DESE website that shows MCAS scores for 8th graders from not only MVRCS but from each middle school within each district. In the past we've always just looked at district scores but we've been putting together spreadsheets and doing an analysis on not simply the districts but rather individual schools.
The graph below shows the English Language Arts, Math, and Science scores for the different middle schools that make up the sending districts of MVRCS. We have highlighted MVRCS scores and sorted the data by the percentage of students that tested PROFICIENT (P% on the spreadsheets and bolded) and then by the percentage of students that tested ADVANCED PROFICIENT (P+/A% on the spreadsheets and bolded). Additionally we have changed the font color to red for the school that has the highest combined percentage of Proficient and Advance Proficient students. In is an interesting analysis to say the least.

8th Grade Math 2010

8th Grade English 2010

8th Grade Science - 2010

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