Friday, May 24, 2013

Add Yet ANOTHER Friends and Family Member on the MVRCS doll!

It isn't enough for Neil to employ just his family members but apparently he is now not only put board member Francis Brown's son on the payroll (or allowing him fib on his resume and providing a false recommendation) and yet another of Chris Finn's nieces benefit from his position by either being given the MV advantage of a 'job' (she worked there for 4 years while working 3 other jobs during college? Really?) or being or just being able to fluff up her resume with a bit of non-truths. In either case it appears that these two aren't alone in benefiting from their 'konnection' to Sir Kinnon as now the son of his Royal Arse's best friend (Ron Hogan who, let us not forget, was so kind as to call in a favor to get his sister's kids into the school a number of years ago) now has a position with MV (or should we say, Kinnon's Employment Empire). Even more interesting is that he listed his position as a 'Facilities Assistant' -does that mean he is Greg Kinnon's 'assistant? We should mention that last we heard (and for many years now), Greg is a full-time nurse also a full time facilities manager at MV. Could this possibly be the reason that yet ANOTHER facilities assistant is needed? Anyone even seeing Greg or Cruella Kathy Kinnon on the grounds of late? Probably not as both are very fortunate to be able to come and go as they please as long as Sir Little Man is in charge. One has to wonder what  impact a changing of the board would have on all of the members of the friends and family club, not to mention Jing and Geng (you know the two who SHOULD be driving the curriculum alignment to the common core yet are just assigning busy work the trained monkeys) who Dr. McCleary felt had outlived their usefulness and questioned their positions. One has to wonder what city or state agency would be willing and able to pick up probably 1/2 of the MV employees should Kinnon do right by the students (and not himself and followers) by abiding by the conditions imposed by the DESE. He has already taken steps to secure his next campaign run as Chris Finn's brother (who heads up Malden Housing Authority) has hired the 'Arse's wife over at 660 Salem Street - she's there campaigning for votes on a daily basis (that poor ward will NEVER rid themselves of him and his enormous ego). Oh one can only imagine how drastically our states unemployment rates will drop after MV spends all of the students educational funds on the lawsuit against the DESE and loses, all of those on the gravy train will be jumping onto Massachusetts unemployment benefits train! Fear not folks, he'll still be a Malden councilor and will be able to create those nice, overpaid, cushy jobs that you have all become so accustomed to. Thank goodness - what would we ever do without him and his ability to squeeze money out of taxpayers to employ his following!

Could these ALSO be benefactors of  Mystic Kinnon Charter School??? This just keeps getting better! Just imagine, soon the alumni will not only be running the school as board members but ALL of the teachers and staff members will all be ALUMNI (it'll be similar to  the King's home rule law that he wants for Malden (only Malden residents hired for any and all positions).

  • Could this 'Project' listed under Ian Kinnon's resume be MV's own prior home of the Malden Fire Department on Laurel street????? What a great way to funnel money into yet ANOTHER family members pocket!
    •  Masonry Project on outside of brick building
    • August 2012 to August 2012
    • Team Members: Ian Kinnon
    • i) Brought in 3 masonry contractors, chose low cost contractor, and oversaw the work done by the masons.
  • Has Trice's son already been inducted into the clan? Is the lower school art teacher Trice's son???? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All at the Expense of the Children!

Yes, Kinnon is dragging the good 'ol MV name through the mud yet again. Apparently the rules of the state are meant for others - not his royal arse himself! The DESE is about to see the REAL Sir Kinnon in action - as too many of the parents and children of MV have for far too long (that of course is assuming that they haven't already). As we all know, Sir Arse-Kinnon doesn't like not getting his way and so off he trots on his own ego to fight for his ego (because we all know that is what this is ALL truly about). Thankfully he has drawn enough negative attention to his shenanigans to bring him and his ways to the attention of those that actually have power over HIM (and his kingdom and servants).
In case you've missed out on the excitement that we refer to, MV appealed to the Board of Education regarding the denial of MV's request for an enrollment increase and the board declined to take any action (i.e. no lift on the number of students currently permitted to attend MV). While many parents feel that the DESE (and BoE) are denying children the 'excellent education' of MV, just remember - IT IS NEIL KINNON AND THE MV BOARD WHO ARE REFUSING TO ADHERE TO THE LAWS AND REGULATIONS OR COMPLY WITH THE CONDITIONS IMPOSED UPON THEM! We all have to follow the laws and rules of our state, country, society, and for some - school - should MV not be required to do the same? One very wise individual posted on the Malden Patch's Facebook page that he'd like not to pay taxes but yet he must as that is what our government expects of us (and can't imagine too many people who would like to ignore THAT requirement). Unfortunately, when dealing with children and their education, like it or not the laws and rules become even more important and we should all be held accountable. This unfortunately has NOT been the case at good 'ol Kinnon Kingdom (aka - MV).

If Sir Arse would get off his throne and get his ego out of his royal arse, the DESE would be more than willing to consider lifting the cap. BUT, in true Kinnon fashion he would rather spend MORE of our taxpayers money (that is intended for EDUCATION) on defending his ego than paying, say teachers the pay they deserve (no, we're not talking about another raise for Gately - the overpaid 'PR' lacky, or Kathy Kinnon - the wicked witch of special education and all things NOT IEP, or even Greg Kinnon - I'm a nurse by night and 'Manage' the athletic facility on my free time, or Anthony C - the HR ding-dong who was somehow responsible for the $92,000.00 they spent on 'recruiting expenses' several years ago - - -no, none of THOSE people need any more of our taxpayers money). Let us not kid ourselves, he is going to fight this battle (just as he did when he fought and lost the battle with Malden Firefighters about signs) and MV is going to foot the bill (translation - the per student expenditure will increase next year by the cost of the legal fees divided by the number of students plus a little something for his next ego boost). It is amazing that the families of MV can't see beyond the denial to look at the conditions actually being imposed upon the school. None of them are extreme or unrealistic nor are they only being imposed upon MV (no Neil, this is not a mini IRS like scandal - not that we would be opposed to the IRS doing a thorough, deep, intense review of the schools finances, this just is a government agency doing as they are supposed to do ---- HOLD SCHOOLS ACCOUNTABLE!). If anyone is denying the poor souls of students their chance to excel (of course, only those students who would excel within ANY school cause anyone else is nudged towards the door), it is Little Napolean himself. Why not accept the conditions being imposed upon the school? The deal breaker of course for him is his refusal to give up his control of the school (i.e. term limits on board members). He wants to wear the success of the students on his back as their champion or hero (and since MV nudges some people to the door, lets not forget that we are talking about kids of his F and F club and/or those who would have excelled and done just as well in public schools, who do not have any special learning needs, whose parents are willing to bend over and NOT question their child's education or how the school is managed, the teachers, or ANYTHING Sir Arse demands). Of course then he also couldn't be so quick to put down those 'other' students and their schools, you know the ones that can't tell parents who question their methods or limitations 'that's how we do it here and you have other options available to you' - yes direct quote).
Of course his newest is that the alumni are going to take over the board and manage the school (cause, unlike other charter schools and public schools, that is what the board DOES at MV). So, to get this straight, he refuses to entrust the school into the hands of educated, hard working parents (who are truly responsible for their childs success - NOT Sir EGO MANIC) yet is going to entrust it to the alumni? Are these the same alumni that don't have jobs that are saying they worked at MV when they didn't? Family members of Finn and Brown? One can be sure that Mini-Me Kinnon (his own son) would also be second in line to the thrown. Oh, just who parents want making educational decisions regarding their children....Brilliant Neil, just brilliant!!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Neil Doing As Neil Wants - Regardless....

And, interestingly enough, another example of how King Tut operates and runs 'his' school - he does as he pleases regardless of whether he is allowed to or not because only HIS opinion counts! Oh Neil, is it not enough to rule your own kingdom, but then you try to limit funds to MPS AND challenge the decisions of their school committee??? As usual, your way or to hell with the rules...

Controversial middle school survey approved
Gillian Swart
05/08/2013 5:43 AM

   The Malden schools are moving forward with a controversial survey for middle school students — and they’re letting one city councilor know his input on the topic was not appreciated.
The School Committee voted unanimously on May 6 to proceed with the bi-annual Youth Risk Behavior Study, which asks questions about health indicators like sleeping, eating, substance abuse and sexual behavior.
The survey was originally slated for April, but was postponed after parents complained of getting only two days notice. 
Speaking on May 6, School Superintendent David DeRuosi said parents were notified of the survey the previous week via letters and robocalls. The School Committee agreed that all middle school students in grades 6 to 8 would take the survey on May 8 unless their parents opted out.
Committee members also agreed to draft a “letter of disappointment” to the Malden City Council for what was termed interference in school business by City Councilor Neil Kinnon, who reportedly posted the survey online and through social media.
 “It should never have gone out publicly like that,” said DeRuosi.
Speaking at the School Committee’s April 16 meeting, Kinnon said the issue “rises to the level of the City Council.” Committee members disagreed with that position, and Kinnon’s alleged dissemination of the survey.
“I am very, very disappointed that that happened,” said committee member Leonard Iovino. “It’s a long-standing tradition that members of the Malden School Committee stay out of City Council business and City Council members stay out of School Committee business.”
School Committee Vice Chairman Adam Weldai added the council invited parents to a recent meeting to vent about the survey, saying he’s “extremely disappointed in the actions of the City Council.”
The survey is conducted in partnership with the Cambridge Health Alliance and Malden Health Department, with the stated goal of improving the health of Malden residents.
DeRuosi said posting the survey online would be a violation of study protocol. Malden pays the Cambridge Health Alliance $10,000 per year for its services, DeRuosi said.
The survey was originally set for April 9, and parents were notified via robocall the evening of April 7 At its April 16 meeting, the council allowed parent Michael Foresteire to speak out against the survey, and the district held a public forum to discuss the issues before the May 6 committee meeting. 
DeRuosi said he will present the survey results to local Parent Teacher Organizations in an effort to work with parents and clarify some of the survey questions.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is It True?

Yet another F and F member joining the ranks among the (very likely) overpaid at MVRCS! Amazing, this guy has a 'world class education' yet unable to obtain a position without his fathers (and that good ol Board of Trustees) assistance. A newly created position - tailored to his needs.

Andrew Brown (you know, Fran Brown one of the LIFE APPOINTED BoT members who is part of the reasons the charter may not be reviewed next cycle....

  • Business Office at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School


  • Security Guard at Team Ops
  • Candidate for Ward Councillor at City of Malden
Substitute Teacher/ General Help at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School

Business Office - isn't this Rick V's current job and Finn's past?

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School

Educational Institution; 51-200 employees; Primary/Secondary Education industry
January 2012 – Present (1 year 4 months) Malden, MA
• Implemented new fiscal policies, including budget analysis and development.
• Researched and transitioned into a new accounting software.
• Tracked State and Federal grants.

Security Guard

Team Ops

July 2010 – August 2011 (1 year 2 months) Foxborough, MA
• Held the position of the visiting team locker room security guard of the New England Patriots of the NFL.
• Duties included: Assisting visiting players and coaches with the layout of the stadium; directing media personnel to their proper locations; ensuring the safety of all NFL personnel in the stadium.

Candidate for Ward Councillor

City of Malden

Government Agency; 51-200 employees; Government Administration industry
May 2009 – November 2009 (7 months)
Candidate for Ward Councillor
I ran for Ward Five City Councillor. In the primary I finished second and moved on to the final election where I again finished second.
This experience consisted of mobilizing volunteers, raising campaign funds, creating a budget, and going door to door to meet the residents.
I attended several political events in Malden as well as participated in a debate.

Substitute Teacher/ General Help

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School

Educational Institution; 51-200 employees; Primary/Secondary Education industry
July 2006 – June 2009 (3 years)
I substitute taught for various classes in the elementary grades. I also assisted teachers in preparing for classes and in grading papers and tests.

??? - REALLY? Hmmm, anyone remember him being such a presence?  Maybe Dr. McCleary could provide us with some insight on this....

Upon further exploration, could this possibly be a trend of the related alumni of MVRCS?

Oh another! And this one is related to Finn - yet another niece taking advantage of their connection to the Assistant Director. Anyone interested in confirming this MVRCS alumni's position? Oh, and it gets a bit better....

Reilly Finn 
Administrative Assistant/Kindergarten Helper

Mystic Valley Charter School

January 2008 – Present (5 years 4 months)
Assisted teachers in classrooms by reading to students, organizing children for recess, and mediating conflicts between children.
Assisted students having behavioral problems in the classroom through one-on-one help.
Entered grades into student record database in order to generate report cards.
Assisted teachers in setting up classrooms by cleaning rooms, organizing and delivering supplies, and rearranging furniture and hanging posters on walls.

Financial Counselor Assistant

Curry College Financial Aid Office

September 2009 – May 2012 (2 years 9 months) - A bit overlapping there, no?
Assisted Financial Aid Counselors with preparing mailings for incoming students. Printed, sorted, stuffed and organized completed envelops in preparation for mailing.
Supported Financial Aid staff during Admission events such as Open House and Admitted Students Day. Scheduled one-on-one appointments for visiting families, covered phones, answered parent questions and handed out financial aid brochures.
Filed confidential student Financial Aid files by alphabetical order which allowed for counselors to access student documents quickly.
Organized bookstore vouchers to ensure easy access by counselors.
Participated in additional office duties such as greeting visitors, answering phones, data entry, and photocopying.

Administrative Assistant

Malden Housing Authority - Did we hear correctly that yet another Finn is able to give positions to his F&F members over at the Malden Housing Authority? Just out of curiousity, is that how Lisa Kinnon secured her most recent position at the elderly housing at 630 Salem Street? We're sure THAT position has NOTHING to do with ensuring Sir Kinnon is re-elected. Lisa, keep giving out those lottery tickets!!!

May 2011 – August 2011 (4 months)
Managed resident complaints by documenting information in computer system and ensuring follow-up from maintenance person or manager.
Filed housing rental applications, personal information, and lease and rental payment documentation.
Collected rental checks and completed invoice for bank processing.
Maintained positive on-going relationships with residents in order to engage proactively with issues before they escalated.
Managed additional office duties such as answering phones, taking messages, transferring calls, photocopying and file management.