Friday, May 24, 2013

Add Yet ANOTHER Friends and Family Member on the MVRCS doll!

It isn't enough for Neil to employ just his family members but apparently he is now not only put board member Francis Brown's son on the payroll (or allowing him fib on his resume and providing a false recommendation) and yet another of Chris Finn's nieces benefit from his position by either being given the MV advantage of a 'job' (she worked there for 4 years while working 3 other jobs during college? Really?) or being or just being able to fluff up her resume with a bit of non-truths. In either case it appears that these two aren't alone in benefiting from their 'konnection' to Sir Kinnon as now the son of his Royal Arse's best friend (Ron Hogan who, let us not forget, was so kind as to call in a favor to get his sister's kids into the school a number of years ago) now has a position with MV (or should we say, Kinnon's Employment Empire). Even more interesting is that he listed his position as a 'Facilities Assistant' -does that mean he is Greg Kinnon's 'assistant? We should mention that last we heard (and for many years now), Greg is a full-time nurse also a full time facilities manager at MV. Could this possibly be the reason that yet ANOTHER facilities assistant is needed? Anyone even seeing Greg or Cruella Kathy Kinnon on the grounds of late? Probably not as both are very fortunate to be able to come and go as they please as long as Sir Little Man is in charge. One has to wonder what  impact a changing of the board would have on all of the members of the friends and family club, not to mention Jing and Geng (you know the two who SHOULD be driving the curriculum alignment to the common core yet are just assigning busy work the trained monkeys) who Dr. McCleary felt had outlived their usefulness and questioned their positions. One has to wonder what city or state agency would be willing and able to pick up probably 1/2 of the MV employees should Kinnon do right by the students (and not himself and followers) by abiding by the conditions imposed by the DESE. He has already taken steps to secure his next campaign run as Chris Finn's brother (who heads up Malden Housing Authority) has hired the 'Arse's wife over at 660 Salem Street - she's there campaigning for votes on a daily basis (that poor ward will NEVER rid themselves of him and his enormous ego). Oh one can only imagine how drastically our states unemployment rates will drop after MV spends all of the students educational funds on the lawsuit against the DESE and loses, all of those on the gravy train will be jumping onto Massachusetts unemployment benefits train! Fear not folks, he'll still be a Malden councilor and will be able to create those nice, overpaid, cushy jobs that you have all become so accustomed to. Thank goodness - what would we ever do without him and his ability to squeeze money out of taxpayers to employ his following!

Could these ALSO be benefactors of  Mystic Kinnon Charter School??? This just keeps getting better! Just imagine, soon the alumni will not only be running the school as board members but ALL of the teachers and staff members will all be ALUMNI (it'll be similar to  the King's home rule law that he wants for Malden (only Malden residents hired for any and all positions).

  • Could this 'Project' listed under Ian Kinnon's resume be MV's own prior home of the Malden Fire Department on Laurel street????? What a great way to funnel money into yet ANOTHER family members pocket!
    •  Masonry Project on outside of brick building
    • August 2012 to August 2012
    • Team Members: Ian Kinnon
    • i) Brought in 3 masonry contractors, chose low cost contractor, and oversaw the work done by the masons.
  • Has Trice's son already been inducted into the clan? Is the lower school art teacher Trice's son???? 

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