Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6th Grade MCAS Comparison

We've changed the format of the tables we created using MCAS data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. We've deleted some columns and instead showed the combined percentages for 'Advanced' and 'Proficient' and then after the black column, we did the same for 'Needs Improvement' and 'Warning'. The data was then sorted and MVRCS scores highlighted. For the Advanced and Proficient scores, the highest percentages are preferred but in the Needs Improvement and Warning totals, lower percentages are better. Additionally we have changed the font color to red for the school that has the highest combined percentage of Proficient and Advance Proficient students. They are have all shown to be an interesting analysis to say the least. They have all shown to be an interesting analysis to say the least.
NOTE: We had made an error in determining the school that scored the best in math for the 6th grade. It wasn't who we had initially noted but rather it was Everett. Sorry for the misinformation.
FROM: http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/state_report/mcas.aspx


  1. Anyone else notice that some of the Malden school scores and MVRCS scores are very close when combining the two scores yet MV officials made that comment about them being in the lower 10% of the state. The difference doesn't seem to be that large when looked at by the different schools v districts (and the number of students are closer).

  2. Why do any Melrose, Stoneham, or Wakefield parents send their kids to MV? Seems useless.

  3. It's the best daycare situation: put them on the bus early and pick them up late. Those extra 20 days don't hurt either.

  4. I'd can tell by your ignorance the extra time in "daycare" would have served you well.