Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7th Grade MCAS Comparisons

As we continue going through the MCAS scores, we are finding that more and more MVRCS does not fair so well when comparing them to individual schools rather than to entire districts. Rarely are they superior when we combine their Advanced and Proficient scores to individual schools. Granted, in most cases it is Wakefield, Melrose, or Stoneham that presents with the higher scores but the other schools hold their own at times. The trend is not just in the higher grades, it is even more apparent in the lower grades.

We've changed the format of the tables we created using MCAS data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. We've deleted some columns and instead showed the combined percentages for 'Advanced' and 'Proficient' and then after the black column, we did the same for 'Needs Improvement' and 'Warning'. The data was then sorted and MVRCS scores highlighted. For the Advanced and Proficient scores, the highest percentages are preferred but in the Needs Improvement and Warning totals, lower percentages are better. Additionally we have changed the font color to red for the school that has the highest combined percentage of Proficient and Advance Proficient students. They are have all shown to be an interesting analysis to say the least. They have all shown to be an interesting analysis to say the least.
FROM: http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/state_report/mcas.aspx

Sending District Data

7th Grade Math MCAS 2010

7th Grade English MCAS 2010


  1. Wow, the numbers are close but it is impressive for Wakefield given the higher number of students, and the shorter days and year. any way of finding out how many special ed students are in the grade level for the school?

  2. Isn't it interesting how close MV and Beebe in malden are in math? So much for the ad MV took out putting down Malden schools. They might need to look in the mirror before throwing out insults next time!