Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh MVRCS, Those Nasty Double Standards!

Parents- Be Outraged, Demand Answers and Accountability - but not from FOX or the teacher~ from MVRCS regarding their hiring practices!

People on both sides are outraged regarding the recent firing (or administrative leave) of the HS teacher at MVRCS. Some think it was wrong for Fox to dig into the poor guys past, others are outraged that the guy who was teaching their children was either a gay or porn star (or both), and others are furious that he was hired in the first place.  The real issue isn't truly any of these, the real issue is much more concerning and complicated than any of these. The real issue is the hiring practices that have been going on over at MVRCS - both the double standards  and poor hiring practices and decisions that they are forced to make due to the ever-constant revolving door they have. The word is on the street here in Massachusetts, many teachers want nothing to do with the BS, poor working conditions, and corruption that MVRCS has become known for. This is why the school must constantly spend so much money each year (or claim to anyways) recruiting new, green teachers from out of state. Then, we would suggest you speak to any of the current teachers there, either they were hired as a result of who they knew OR they were interviewed and offered the position within a day or two of each other. Ask any of them if ANY of their references were ever contacted by anyone from the school? Yes, it may be a formality but its still worth at least ensuring that someone, somewhere is willing to vouch for someone who will be educating children.
We also find it interesting that the school takes issue with this fella's past yet is willing to have a disbarred attorney as their PR person (making more than most teachers make) who STOLE MONEY FROM AN ELDERLY COUPLE AND THEN ATTEMPTED TO BULLY THEM INTO NOT FILING CHARGES, and who, NEVER SERVED A DAY OF JAIL TIME FOR HIS CRIME. Hmmm, that double standard thing starts rearing its ugly head again! We kind of feel bad for the guy, Fox would have never had anything to with him or his past if Kinnon hadn't pissed off so many people.
Isn't it interesting that this guy was put on paid administrative leave (ask how many other un-Kinnected individuals have received THAT) when most are just terminated regardless of actual cause? Yeah, Kinnon must be shaking a bit right now - Civil Liberties, Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, and the whole LGBT Rights thing (Mr. Hogan would be well advised to possibly reach out to some other former teachers who may be card carrying members to that group - BIG case there).
Truthfully, what we find most up setting is that the school has knowingly had an individual willing to steal from elderly as their PR  person for 4 years (?) yet is now trying to claim ignorance and outrage over an employee who hasn't stolen from anyone, hurt anyone, his 'actions' were not common knowledge (as were Gateleys). Oh yes, its that 'different strokes for different folks' thing going on again - BUT THIS TIME, IT'S GETTING A WHOLE LOT OF PUBLICITY!!!!

PS - Mike B from Fox, we have a few people you could speak to regarding that rigged, campaign contribution funding, lottery over there at MVRCS - yet another great story.....for anther day!


  1. More on Gateley Please!!!

  2. Here is a link to a brief overview of Gatley's past. Yes, the school takes issue with a teachers past actions and claims ignorance yet they hired Gately with full knowledge of his moral integrity. Nice double standards....


  3. As if stealing from an elderly couple wasn't bad enough, before that he forced a client to withdraw their claim against him - sounds like he and MVRCS use the same attorney!

    'neglecting a criminal matter and for requiring the client to sign a release withdrawing the client’s disciplinary claim against him as a condition of the settlement of the client’s small claims action against him. See AD. No. 02-46, 18 Mass. Att'y. Disc. R. 720 (2002).'

  4. Hiring practices? The guy came through Carney & Sandoe, one of the, if not THE, best organizations that work with potential teachers to find them jobs. I've worked through Carney Sandoe twice, and both times found outstanding teaching jobs.
    Having taught at MVRCS, and being a former department chair, I know exactly what happens when new teachers are hired. It's one of the few things that MVRCS does fairly well, and, by and large, cleanly.
    Fact is, the guy didn't tell Carney & Sandoe. Therefore, there's no way for MVRCS to have known about his past.

  5. Has anyone considered the relationship between Kevin Hogan and Ron Hogan who is Kinnon's campaign manager and owner of Pumpsey's Liquors in Malden? Kevin Hogan has been teaching in Mass since 1998 so don't tell me they didn't know each other.

  6. Yes, we thought the same thing, the only thing that makes us question that the they are related is that Kevin Hogan was hired through a recruitment agency which would mean a fee was paid. So, unless the agency and the school have a backroom deal going on (which we all know is very possible considering Kinnon), the agency wouldn't have referred Kevin Hogan if he was related to Ron Hogan. Worth looking into though...