Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gotta Love It! So MVRCS -like!

We came across the following article on regarding the current scandal over at MVRCS (

Had to love a few key points that we'll highlight here. We're sure most of you will know why these points stood out to us, but just in case:

Letter sheds some light on Mystic Valley teacher's contract
Posted by Matt Byrne  December 7, 2011 06:10 PM 
By Matt Byrne, Town Correspondent
...The three-page agreement, obtained by the Globe from Mystic Valley's attorney, John Hanify, after a public records request, lists conditions that could be cited as grounds to terminate Hogan: Noncompliance with school rules and personnel policies; dishonesty or misconduct that affects nearly anyone connected to or doing business with the charter, and a final clause that indicates a reason the school could use: "In the event that, in its reasonable judgment, your performance or conduct is incompatible with the educational principles or policies established by the Board or the Director."

Wonder how long it the Globe to obtain a copy of that contract?? Oh, it was probably easier than trying to get a copy of meeting minutes or responses to complaints because Kinnon and his shoe-shiners probably think that releasing a copy of the contract will justify any and all of their actions. We especially love the line "in its reasonable judgment" - nothing reasonable about any of Kinnons judgment, just justification and bullying to do what he wants. Then, what about "your performance or conduct is incompatible with the educational principles or policies..." - translation, you can be as sleazy, unethical, and immoral as we you want as long as we are sleazier, less ethical and more immoral than you OR it doesn't offend us. Lets not forget how many sleazy dealings Sir Little Man Kinnon has had over the years, or the despicable actions of his, ummmm, 'PR Director' Gatley. Let us not forget that by conduct, they are also referring to ones sexual orientation because Sir Little Man Kinnon is homophobic, we've heard stories of teachers being told they weren't 'a good fit' for MVRC due to their sexual orientation. Oh, how Sir Little Man yearns to rule the world! Oh to be King!

The article continues as follows:

"The contract also contains passages that seem to codify the school's reluctance to discuss the matter publicly, including language that prevents Hogan, except with express permission, from writing about the school in any way for five years after he leaves.
Hogan also agreed to strict rules against affiliating himself with, doing work for, or consulting Malden Public Schools and five surrounding public districts in Everett, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham, and Wakefield.
"If you choose to breach this agreement ... you may be liable for damages to the Board," the contract said."

We LOVE that the teachers contract now tries to restrict individuals from writing about the school for five years. We wonder if our lovely blog has anything to do with this restriction. In other words, unless you are going to write only good things about the school, you are not permitted to write anything. That usually (and as in their case) means that they have so much to be ashamed or fearful of being exposed that they feel the need to place this restriction on their employees. Funny, they do this frequently with parents who sue them also.

So scared their dirt will get out and they won't have control over it.

Isn't it also interesting that former employees are not permitted to work for the sending districts of the school. We're sure that is because they don't want the districts that  they pull their funding from to know exactly what is going on at good ol MVRCS. Scared all of their funding would dry up and they wouldn't be able to build athletic facilities, buy up real estate, and funnel money into hidden pockets instead of spending the money they receive on educating the kids. We have to even wonder if all of this is even legal and/or would hold up in a court of law...?

Oh, does anyone else find it humorous that with good ol sticky fingers Gately as their PR person that Eric Rubin has been acting as mouth piece for this and other issues lately? For those who think Eric is just 'another involved parent' - don't kid yourself, he is a long-time friend of Kinnon's and his wife 'works' at the school. Oh, and yes somehow, miracles of miracles, his son got in through the 'lottery'. Yet another staff member who had a child selected. So amazing!

Oh, good ol MVRCS, may you continue in your crooked, despicably, sleazy manner until Sir Kinnon Sleazy Pants manages to destroy his own empire!

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