Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food for Thought on the MVRCS Fiasco!

Honestly, while I have my own opinions and thoughts regarding the Hogan/MVRCS fiasco, they are irrelevant as the story is just a symptom of a much bigger issue (in my opinion).

After reading through all the comments, just some thoughts:

1. Was this story leaked to the media out of concern for the students of MVRCS and their contact with the individual or was it leaked out of vengeance to the school administration? Few would argue with the fact that the school administration and board (specifically Kinnon and his clan) have made many enemies and have operated by their own standards for many years. It should not be ignored that the school DID hire Gately, who at the time was a publically disgraced, disbarred attorney and political figure, knowing full well of his (lack of) moral integrity. Whether the school knew or not (and I'm not sure they didn't), how can they justify hiring Gately and not this individual, after all, one actually committed crimes and the other didn't. At the same time, those who are familiar with the happenings of the school know that they have very double standards and expectations for their staff. Hogan may possibly be a victim of the past acts of Kinnon and/or the Board/Administration.

2. Is Kevin Hogan related in any way to Kinnon’s campaign manager and childhood friend Ron Hogan (whose children attend the school BTW)? If so, this would make one question if in fact the school did know about his past when they hired him and were hoping that the fact wouldn’t be discovered.

3. Regardless of Hogans sexual orientation and actions, one has to wonder why an individual who has limited teaching experience was hired as an English Department Chair to begin with. One would expect an individual in this position to have extensive teaching experience within the subject matter. If I remember the information correctly, Hogan had only a few years of sporadic teaching experience which would make his hiring for that position questionable at best. Given the current economy and the number of unemployed individuals located here in Massachusetts (some of whom must have more teaching experience than Hogan), why did the school hire an individual from out of state? Maybe a more appropriate issue for discussion would be the hiring practices of the school.

4. Does anyone else familiar with the ways of MVRCS find it interesting that so many individuals are willing to put their name out there in support of this individual? Those in the know would tend to agree that parents and students typically do not dare speak out publically (or even challenge them) against the school without fear of retribution. Would that indicate that the school has encouraged this and therefore, is in support of Hogan? This would again make us question if, in fact, Hogan is somehow related to Ron Hogan?

5. It is interesting that the school has chosen to put this teacher on paid administrative leave rather than just terminate them (as they are so famous for doing with those who go against them or who do not ‘fit’)? Is it due to the fact that this teacher has gained national attention and the school is finally forced to handle it in an appropriate and legal manner (as opposed to the sleazy and often illegal manner that they have become known for)?

6. While I don’t typically pass judgment on student’s individual abilities, does anyone else find the comment regarding the poor grammar and spelling of their students ironic given that they are supposedly providing a superior education? It should be noted that the ‘awards’ that they have received from ‘Newsweek’ are not based on the academic ability or successes of their students but is based simply on the percentage of their students who sat for the IB tests. It does not take into account their performance on such tests, just how many sat for it. It should also be noted that the school requires all of their students to sit for these exams regardless of their desire, ability, or interest. Additionally, the school paid to be included in the analysis. Sort of takes the air out of the balloon, doesn’t it?
7. MVRCS has been accused of breaking or bending many of the laws that govern them as has the Chairman of the Board, Neil Kinnon. They have repeatedly refused to follow directives that they have received from the DESE (re: transportation issues, changing of the board members, questionable lottery practices and re-entry of certain individuals, SPED dealings, open meeting/executive session requirements of publishing minutes, etc) and have done as they please for far too long. While their actions have been overlooked or ignored in the past, could this possibly be the incident that begins to process of holding them accountable?

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  1. Why are you ignoring the most obvious reason for #1?
    Because FOX likes to report explosive stories for attention. That's the clear reason to me, at least.

  2. I don't care about what the teacher has done outside of the classroom. What I find interesting is if he is a friend of the school and what his teaching credentials are.