Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're Still Here!

Don't worry, we're still alive and kicking! Although we're not blogging as much we are still working towards initiating change at good ol MVRCS. We were very disappointed to see that Neil Kinnon was re-elected as ward councilor as it is clearly a conflict of interest and causes many to wonder who he is truly representing - his ward and city or the best interest of MVRCS. We did hear that many parents seeking admission to the school simply had to make a campaign contribution to Neil Kinnon's election campaign so it does make sense that for many individuals his remaining in office would be crucial. We'll be interested in comparing the list of individuals who contributed to his campaign to the families who were chosen in the 'lottery'. Thank goodness for year books!
We were not surprised to see the schools complete lack of organization, communication, and realistic expectations regarding the move of the Kindergartners to the new Athletic facility. Same ol, same ol.
We know much has been going on that we feel requires sharing and are working towards getting that information posted. More to come shortly....


  1. Kinnon wins yes!!! We feel safer in Maplewood...and I can speak for all of my friends here at 630 Salem!

  2. teacher got fired at the high school.

  3. oh annie please stop with this nonsense. if you are that unhappy with neil kinnon then please move. most people seem to like him. and stop wasting your time on this stupid blog. no one supports you.