Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Readers Comment Highlighted

This was posted under an older posting and we thought it worth sharing:
                    Anonymous said...
Listen, MVRCS is a good school with excellent teachers. The Administration is inept and incompetent yet they hold the purse strings to mismanage the funds that pour into their coffers. Kinnon is quick to brush off items because he's as ignorant as the day is long! His family will always be granted a pass as will any other adminstratively connected family member. Who would be foolish enough to ruin the MVRCS money pit? Veilleux is a good example; nunber one stooge, $103k to run the bus operation, really! So he shows up at dismissal to make sure everyone is posted at their spots so he looks like a genius?! Kathy Kinnon shows up at dismissal to bark out a few incoherent thoughts to justify her $89K existence. It's all a sham. The DOE should investigate the financial records and qualifications of the Administration personnel. Chris Finn, because of his 10 years of ass kissing to Tony Biegler allows him to be Asst. Director of an educational institution? Please. He couldn't operate a profitable lemonaide stand with free lemons!! The man is a goof. He has difficulties speaking at staff meetings once a month never mind run an office. The school has some great attributes in spite of the Administration. Gina McKinnon one of the more embarrassing people in the school. She is absolutely useless. Seriously folks, what does she accomplish? NOTHING, but she is handed $75K a year to walk the halls and utter true nonsense.
 A few members of the band wagon were left off such as Jen Mullen (Gina McKinnon's counterpart) who is inept at hiring and retaining staff who refuse to rat out their coworkers to her (as she likes them to do, that is how you earn her respect -sad). Her all time favorite rat is a particular 4th grade teacher who has had numerous co-workers complain about her yet is still there and held in high regards due to her willingness to sell out her colleagues.
We should also mention one of our personal members of the band wagon, Greg Kinnon who is responsible for the facilities (and overseeing others who do all the work) and shows up at the end of the day to direct the buses out of the yard safely. We'd be interested in hearing what his official work hours are as it doesn't seem he is at either facility much. We'd also like to know how much time Greg spends filling in for the nurses as it seems like that was a bunch of BS. Same with Kathy Kinnon, anyone else notice how infrequently her car is parked in the driveway of the blue house at 8:00? Does she not have the same working hours as the rest of the staff or does she come in late due to her late evenings assisting with the swim team? Although the way we see it, since she receives a stipend for the swim team work, it should not excuse her from her normal responsibilities (or what should be her normal responsibilities as it seems as though she has shuffled most of her duties off). I'm sure none of the others who pick up extra positions are not allowed to neglect their everyday job descriptions or make their own hours.
We should mention that Chris Finn isn't in his position solely as a result of kissing Dr. Biegler's a$$ but also as a result of his longtime friendship with none other than Neil Kinnon. The two families go way back and the two were childhood friends. Now Gina McKinnon and Jen Mullen, they are ONLY there as a result of their a$$ kissing to both Dr. Biegler and Neil Kinnon as neither of them do much in the sense of developing or working with their staff, you know something a PDC (Professional Development Coordinator) would typically be responsible for.


  1. Another highly classy post! and because I am clearly aware of how dense you are, that was sarcasm.

  2. You were wrong. This wasn't worth reposting. Please feel free to repost any of my brilliant insights though.

  3. To :P
    A classy response to a classy post. I'm not sure how you have concluded that we are dense but if that is what makes you feel better, go for it.

  4. To Andrew25:
    First off, I'd be very surprised if you ever deemed anything we posted as worthy but seeing as our values and priorities differ, that comes as no surprise. And two, when you write something brilliant, insightful, or worthy, we would welcome the chance to repost it. As you yourself has said, you just like to shoot your mouth off.
    It is always so much fun playing with you!

  5. So Mr Unofficial what teachers are good? Also what do you think about DI, Core Knowledge, Saxon Math and IB?

  6. The IB is a waste of time and effort.

  7. @anonymous, I would go more with Mrs. Unofficial, she definitely has that catty approach to how she handles things.

  8. Why would you speak to me that way?
    Especially when I always said that I
    Haven't got the words for you
    All your diction dripping with disdain
    Through the pain
    I always tell the truth

  9. To Anonymous @ December 11, 6:01PM
    Our thoughts on DI, Core Knowledge, Saxon Math and IB.

    Direct Instruction - For the most part we like the DI for the early reading instruction in the lower grades. Our one gripe there is that it isn't for every child and therefore not every child will exceed using it. Unfortunately the school does not use any other program for those children and that leads to problems. As for the upper primary grades (3 and beyond) we are not crazy about it as it relies too heavily on rote and repetition and discourages the students from thinking outside of the box (everything is very scripted, answers very specific and do not allow for drawing in connections). We think the school and students have done great with it but worry about students who may not learn best in that manner and/or about their inability to draw think outside of the box.
    We have no issues with Core Knowledge (find it superior to Mass standards) or the Saxon Math program. We do take issue with the Science and History aspects of the curriculum as they seem to be the forgotten subjects or the ones that get pushed aside. We also don't like that it is presented and tests given in such a dry, uninspiring manner. We are concerned that the study guides are basically the tests and rely on memorization and lack interactive, engaging lessons.
    As for IB, we do think it's a great effort and program but do not feel as though the school takes it to the degree or extent that it was meant to be. It seems like to the school it is seen as just another check mark and not fully embraced.

  10. Oxford Comma. By Vampire Weekend;)

  11. Hey has anyone mentioned the nursing staff and what a fantastic job they do ? There's an epidemic in this city of parents who feel it's okay to send there kids to school sick, so they won't miss a day of work...

  12. We agree and recently reminded everyone what a fantastic job they and a few other forgotten individuals do with our children and the school.