Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why We Are Alarmed and Concerned for the Future of MVRCS

        As we continue to compile and sort through information regarding MVRCS, we must stress that our intent is to secure the future of our school and not destroy it. In light of these troubling financial times, the thought that our school has abused, misappropriated, or wasted funds, is disappointing and cause for concern. We have all seen the media expose individuals, organizations, and public officials who appeared to be abusing the system. Examples range from the recent scandal regarding nepotism within the Probation Department, ‘Disabled’ ex-cop Dotty Martin competing in triathlons, Signet Electronics rigging bids for state contracts, State Representatives abusing the reimbursement of travel expenses (State Representative Abuse of Travel Expenses), questionable salaries for the non-profit Rose Kennedy Greenway Project in Boston (High Salaries of Rose Kennedy Greenway Project Employees), Brockton City Official Joseph Vasapollo accepting bribes (Brockton Official Accepting Bribes. Lt. Governor Murray has recently been quoted as saying “We are going to continue to be aggressive with companies up and down who are abusing the law …trying to influence or rig the process." (Lt. Governor Murray Position on Companies Abusing the Law). While we do not want to see MVRCS in the headlines with words such as corruption, mismanagement, or fraud, we also do not want things to continue as they have. In light of the schools unwillingness to release information required under FIOA laws, their continued disregard for the Conflict of Issue laws, Codes of Conduct, and laws governing both our education system and Charter Schools have caused us to question the future our school. According to the laws that govern charter schools (DSES Charter School Laws and Regulations) the charter could be revoked under 603CMR1.13:

3. Charter Revocation Under 603 CMR 1.13(1), the Board of Education may revoke a charter during its five-year term for cause. Possible causes that could lead to revocation include but are not limited to:

1.13: Charter Revocation, Probation, Suspension, and Non-Renewal
(1) The Board may suspend or revoke (hereinafter, "revoke") a charter for cause, including but not limited to:
(a) a material misrepresentation in the application for approval of the charter or renewal of the charter;
(b) failure to comply substantially with the terms of the charter, with any of the applicable provisions of M.G.L. c. 71, or with any other applicable law or regulation;
(c) financial insolvency;
(d) misappropriation, conversion, mismanagement, or illegal withholding of funds or refusal to pay any funds that belong to any person otherwise entitled thereto and that have been entrusted to the charter school or its administrators in their fiduciary capacities;
(e) fraud or gross mismanagement on the part of charter school administrators or board of trustees, including but not limited to, mismanagement of the educational program and failure to provide a healthy and safe environment for students;
(f) criminal convictions on the part of the charter school or its board of trustees; or
(g) failure to fulfill any conditions imposed by the Board in connection with the grant or renewal of a charter.

It is our hope to initiate change by demanding MVRCS be managed in accordance with the laws and with transparency, accountability, and ethically. It is only then that we will feel secure about the future of our school and our children.


  1. I find it interesting the PTO is very open and transparent including showing the checkbook to anyone who wants to see the income and expenses down to the penny. What about the Booster Club? They took away the big fundraising programs from the PTO and no one knows where the money goes. How about a little transparency there? We know the fundraisers they maintain bring in tens of thousands of dollars yet what does it pay for?

  2. You people are all a bunch of "bullies" who hide behind you BS comments! Hey, what happened to the original BLOG survey that the "owner" of this Blog promptly removed when he/she decided that the results were not going in the direction that they were expecting so they removed the survey and put up one that only allows voting in favor of thier negative view of things! How's that for "transparency"...damn hypocrits! I expect this same person will remove this post soon too...

  3. Oh Andrew25 or Mr. PR Guy (MVRCparent) - I was wondering how long it would take you to start up. Glad to see it wasn't too long as I've missed our debates and pushing your buttons. Guess I don't have to do so much of it now, obviously this blog will keep your blood pressure up. I love the comment regarding the blog writers being 'bullies' - isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. You and your friends have held complete control for far too long. What, don't know what to do when you aren't the big man on campus? I can only imagine the efforts you have gone to in an attempt to shut this blog down. Kudos to the parents who have finally found a way to deal with you and your intimidation tactics.
    Go UnOfficialMVRCS Bullies! Sincerely, -You Know Who

    PS- You'd better be careful of what you say on here, your true colors will show through.

  4. True colors, it's clear you are just a lame hate blogger who can't cut it in the real world by looking the people you hate/attack in the eye to truly debate the facts...instead, you hide behind your little computer and spew hate and unfounded facts...nobody cares about people like you with unfounded accusations that you cannot back up...just turn on the news and we find thousands just like you...but at least many of them have the guts to announce who they are when they start thier fights and buttons pushed here, your comments of hate actually are amusing and its funny how many "unhappy" people really show up at any public meetings to voice thier opinions in the manner that can effect change...people like you are driving this country into the ground by hiding behind your mask because you know that really coming out of the closet would expose you for what you truly are...when you (and the other factless haters) finally do that then perhaps a true debate can take place and the truth will come out...peace out!

  5. From what I hear, many people have tried to discuss these issues face to face but were bullied into submission by a person who refuses to consider the views and needs of others - even when it is in the best interest of the students. We both know these are NOT factless accusations, otherwise you wouldn't be spending so much time trying to discredit anyone and everyone on these type of forums. And honestly, it's people like you who are driving this country into the ground by resorting to bullying and name calling rather than addressing the real issues. You are right about one thing, the truth will come out. Thank heavens! Your Bud - YKW

    BTW - still waiting for a name to be attached to your post.

  6. When it comes to our childrens we get all up in arms and ready to throw down. I have a child that's in IEP and she liked it before but this year she's not likely it one bit. They really need too concertrate on children and stop with the infractions of the uniforms. But, if the school had done something they should of done then they need to fess up. Isn't that what they would want our children too do.

  7. Who is this Gatley character? Did he not have questionable practices with the elderly and their $$$$$!!!!

  8. The curriculum is set up to weed out all of the special education students by the time they reach High School. Most special education students have a language based disability. So on top of English studies students are required to take Spanish and Latin. Talk about rigging the system's MCAS scores.


    Martin Gately was hired as Public Relations Director after having to step down from his seat on the Council and had been the President of the council that year. It is shameful a school who is so strict and demands the highest level of honesty and integrity from its students has made a mockery of the reputation of the school. No one disputes he isn't entitled to a job to feed his family but this is insulting for him to be rewarded for bad behavior. His connection to the Mayor and Neil is his only requisite for this job as he has no degree in Communications of any sort. He was a lawyer not a Public Relations anything. He needs to go.

  10. How can a curriculum "weed out" special needs students? Does the whole classroom have to be set to the pace of the special needs student? Don't we have special needs teachers? Isn't that what IEP's are for? If we start changing the pace and flow of a classroom for each and every kid, and believe me the parents will all argue their childs case, how will any teaching get accomplished? So please tell me how special needs are weeded out? Because from where I sit, some special needs students may never be at the level of a mainstream or even gifted child. How about special teachers for gifted children? Where is the balance?

  11. No one is asking that the curriculum be set to the pace of a learning disabled student (which you obviously do not have nor do you have empathy for those who do). Learning disabled students are not always the 'slow' ones in the room, many are incredibly intelligent but just don't learn like every other student. Think about how you did math in elementary school - one way, one method, no variations. If you look at the instructional methods used for math now, they have all different 'tricks' or 'methods' to help the students learn. This is because they realized that presenting material in one method or form, didn't meet the needs of all students. In other schools (where they too are required to meet the needs of all of their students), they have programs, resources, and highly trained staff that work together as a team to ensure the educational needs of kids are being met. None of that exists within MVRCS as they don't collaborate or work together (teachers typically CAN'T speak to a previous years teacher to see what did or didn't work for a student as they probably are no longer there). To the best of my knowledge, the director at MVRCS has never worked in any other school or under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced supervisors who valued mentoring of new teachers. The PDC also place little value on positive mentoring of their staff.
    In summary, they weed out special need students by not meeting their educational needs and then retaining them (or threatening to retain them) so that they leave. Keeping a child back 3 years? What message does that send? And before anyone judges the parents or the child, think about what you would do if it were your child and the school refused to work with you.
    As for IEP's - yes that is what they are for but they are so lacking at MVRCS it isn't even funny. IEP's are meant to identify where a child is, where a child will be by the next meeting, and how they are going to get there. Simply saying that 'with the help of a classroom aide' or 'will read a passage' is not clear or explicit enough. If you don't believe me, check out the site visit report for 2008 (link provided).
    Should I even bring up the subject of the lack of English Language Learners within MVRCS. Do you honestly believe that in all these years no ELL student has ever been selected in the lottery? Not to be rude but if you don't see the issues in this you are either ignorant or paid not to. I just hope your child doesn't even present with a learning disability.

  12. How are special ed students weeded out? No, the whole classroom does not need to be set to the pace of learning disabled students. You are under the mistaken belief that the learning disabled students are always the 'slow' ones in the class. Not so, but it does show your ignorance and lack of knowledge and experience with a learning disabled child. Many LD students are highly intelligent and once they have the basics, are just as capable as their peers. They may need the information presented to them in a different manner but they are just as capable as their peers. The issue at MVRCS is that the special ed department hasn't been able to teach them the basics which results in the child struggling throughout their school years. Unlike years gone by, much known about LD's, especially dyslexia, and it is no longer the norm for these students to face life long challenges. If they are taught effectively and based on the needs of their specific LD, they may require occasional support but should be able to keep up with their peers.
    The problem with MVRCS (how they weed out students) is that they only present the material in one manner. Also, because of the high turnover rate, the teachers can't collaborate with other teachers who may have insight into the students. The head of special education, to the best of my knowledge, has never been employed in any other school or under the guidance of a highly experiences, qualified, and effective supervisor. Mentoring is not a common practice at MVRCS for both the classroom teachers and the special education teachers. Nor do the two ever collaborate or communicate about students progress or needs.
    Believe what you want but the school does not meet the educational needs of their special education students. The IEP's are lacking on so many levels (if you don't believe me, read the site visit report from the DSES 2008). Finally, do you honestly believe that the school has never had an English Language Learner student enter the lottery or be chosen? Isn't it interesting that they don't even have an adequate program to accommodate them. If you are only concerned about your non-learning disabled, english speaking student, then yes, none of this matters. For those of us that care about others besides our own, these are major issues. And guess what, we, and all these other students, have the right to expect that all children receive an education whether it be at MVRCS, Malden, Everett, Medford, Wakefield, Stoneham, or Melrose.

  13. Its sooooooo funny that "anonymous" is so opinionated but SHE cant leave her real name. Give me an A......N...

  14. I have a 3rd grader who has had an IEP since pre-school. I was concerned about what would happen when he entered MVRCS. They were slower than I prefer to renew his IEP but they did. My husband and I have attended 1-2 meetings per year with his SPED team since then and have been totally satisfied with that. It seems to me that they ultimately want him off the program because it's best for him(and them) but I have not felt like they are hurrying him. I don't see what the problem is. As much as it has bothered me in the past to have to admit my child needs SPED help, the team has put me at ease and encouraged me that this is what my son needs. That is HUGE for me, having grown up with SPED students that wore football helmets and the like. So without specifics on other people's experiences with MVRCS SPED program, I can't make an informed response.

  15. Hello I just came accross this blog accidentally. I am the parent of 2 students at MVRCS and I couldn't be happier with the school. Let the haters write, let the papers write, let everyone talk about the Charter school. The reality is, if they are talking about us we must be doing something right. I love it, I'm a Melrose resident and over the past 7 years, I have seen the curious galkers who use to point and laugh at "charter parents" turn into bloggers and newspaper writers with questions about what we were doing and even questioning their own schools i.e. Melrose public.

    I find it humorous that everyone is worried about payroll. Someone do the math for me, and figure out what it breaks down to per day pay vs. public school teachers. Better yet, do it per hour considering charter school teachers log about 450 more hours than public school teachers in the classroom alone. In my opinion they are all UNDERPAID... I'm a proposition 2 1/2 casualty that got pushed through the system by going and getting my teachers their lunches every day. A joke !!! I applaude MVRCS and love what I am seeing...