Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to the UN-Offical MVRCS Blog

As a group of parents from MVRCS we’ve grown concerned at what we’ve been reading (and hearing) as a result of the recent Boston Globe articles. After having being able to confirm enough of the information to make us want to explore things further, we've created this blog. The two things many of us do know is that 1. some students do exceptionally well there and the school has done some remarkable things, and 2. the school does not encourage parents questioning or challenging them without repercussions or consequences. This has resulted in many of us just accepting, rather than challenging, the questionable actions and often wrongdoings, of the school administration. In light of that, our hope is that this blog will act as a communication tool for our school that welcomes (and encourages) the sharing of your comments, concerns, and experiences.

As a response to Brenda Buotes article (that can be found here Globe Article by Brenda Buote ) and Rick Veilleux’s response (Rick Veilleux's Reponse), many readers have used the forum as an outlet (which can be found under the 'User Comments' link below each story). We have followed these discussions carefully and come to the conclusion that action must be taken to ensure the success of our school. Our intent and purpose is not to destroy the school but rather to ensure that it is being managed and conducted according to the laws of the charter and public law. Should the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) take issue with these, violations, they have the right to revoke the charter. We want to avoid this at all cost and need your help to do so.

We have constructed a list of our major concerns and issues that we have either personal knowledge of or have learned about as a result of the exhaustive list of reader responses to the article Globe and schools response. While we do question the accuracy and view point of portions of the postings, we must also question the identity, motives, and intent of others. We ask that if you take the time to read these postings you do so with an open mind and with objectivity. Unlike the current Administration of MVRCS, we welcome your experiences, insight, concerns and comments. In the interest of fairness and to ensure the integrity of material, we ask that you NOT use your true identity (out of fear of repercussions), student names or identities, and remain polite and professional at all times. Should you wish to contact us, you may email us at Our Email. Welcome!

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