Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Falling Out of King Tut - A Year in Passing

For those who have missed the great escapades and shenanigans of King Tut this past year, do not fear as he managed to keep himself embroiled in scandal, controversy, and his ability to show just what an ethical schmuck he truly is. It would seem the King's downfall may have begun when Mayor Christenson took office (who knew?!) as it doesn't appear to have been business as usual this past year. It is worth noting that we forgot just how entertaining it was play arm chair reporter and stay abreast of all the BS. It feels good to be back in the saddle again...

 Of course once he peek our interest again, it didn't take much effort to see that he not only has been up to his typical no good but that his fall seems to be well on its way. The articles pertaining to his Royal Arse all demonstrate just how unethical he is and how stupid he believes everyone else to be. Does he really think everyone doesn't see through his unethical and self-serving (Kinnon Kingdom) his actions are? Malden voters do NOT think for one moment that he has any ward, resident, or community groups best interests priority besides himself and his 'Kinnon Kingdom'. The article that best demonstrated how little regard and concern he has for Malden residents was the one regarding the Malden budget (see full article here (Malden Budget Debate). While he appeared to challenge Christenson's budget feigning to be a financial conservative,  it was interesting where he felt budget cuts should come from....MALDEN PUBLIC SCHOOL....? It would appear that Christenson didn't follow the norm by putting his friends and family members in every any and every cushy position he could find but instead tried to cut expenses by not using his position to benefit a select few but rather the greater good - the community as a whole. How unbelievably un-Kinnon like of him! Of course, Kinnon probably had a slew of F&F members who were in need of a 'Kinnon job' (you know, a paycheck with limited or no actual responsibility).

Most concerning, ironic, or outrageous (whatever you want to call it) is that Kinnon's point of contention was school spending (yes, SOME people in a position of power regarding education our children respect what teachers do and believe that it takes more than a monkey to teach a child). Of course, in Kinnon Kingdom they are not restricted to a budget imposed on them by a city or town, they are permitted to determine their own budget and how much they require each year). While we haven't looked at numbers recently, best recollection from a few years ago was that Malden's expenditure per child was about $7,000.00 and MVRCS's was about $10,000.00 (the state makes up the difference). Very interesting considering they don't have the Special Education, ELL, and the other expenses related to actually meeting the educational needs of ALL children (not just the ones that do well on tests and follow the rules) and providing teachers will valuable Professional Development opportunities (not just the mandatory topics and requirements).

Of course, the residents and parents of Malden should have raised holy hell at his attempt to cut the public school budgets. First he tears them down then he wants to deny them funding?? Is he scared that if they were given the per child expenditure that he gets per child, that the charter school might not look so superior? We'd love to see the charter operate on the budget restrictions and meeting the special education/ell needs of students that district schools do. We doubt they'd have that beautiful facility on Eastern Avenue or be having left over funding to be buying up property as investments. The funds would be spent on the children (as they should be).

A little tidbit to parents to remember in August as they venture out to spend their money on pencils, erasers, scissors, dictionary's (both english and bilingual), paper and the other items contained on that extensive list of theirs, it has come to our attention that schools are not permitted to request or require parents to provide supplies that are instrumental or necessary to their learning. According to the DESE these types of items are to be provided by the school/district. Yes, parents can be asked to contribute things such as disinfectant, paper towels, and tissues but if it is necessary for their learning or instruction, the school or district must provide it as THAT IS PART OF WHAT THE MONEY THEY RECEIVE IS FOR! Of course, just the fiasco with the busing issue many moons ago, they will continue to do as they please regardless of the laws and rules.
And then we have one one of the highlights of the articles we came across, the following of rules and laws. Is that the pot calling the kettle black we hear? From an article way back when (Boston.com - Teen Center Issue) it seems that Kinnon took issue with what he viewed as Christenson not following rules and ordinances' - you mean like the ones the DESE and Labor Laws place on charter schools/employers that you have IGNORED FOR 12 YEARS? Of course the difference here is that Christenson is truly within his legal rights AND benefiting someone other than himself and his own enormous ego. Kinnon goes on to state that "you can't not follow the rules" - you mean like you and your F&F club members have done and continue to do with children who require special education services? Exactly how many years did it take parents to even GET services at MVRCS? How about creating a PAC? What about that pesky Board of Trustees limit? Oh wait, should we talk about the lottery and waitlist and how many of your F&F members should be millionaires by now considering how lucky they were in the school lottery. Leave the school and re-enter a few years later without a sibling enrolling? Only if you have the right connections (Sir Kinnon the Arse himself) and/or your last name happens to be Finn. And how no English Language learners NEVER EVER EVER happen to have that same lottery luck, so incredibly amazing. But yes, we all need to 'follow rules and ordinances' - that is everyone except Sir Kinnon and his minions!

Oh, a long lost bud has alerted us to the party at the Malden Patch....To Be Continued

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