Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Much Going On @ Good 'Ol MVRCS!

We're not sure whether we should start off with the McCleary issue or the nightmare incoming Kindergartner parents are going to be dealing with....decisions, decisions, decisions!

The entire fiasco regarding Dr. McCleary has us simultaneously befuddled and outraged. We are befuddled as we KNOW that there is more to this story than Dr. McCleary deciding to take a PAID sabbatical with such short notice and then not returning. Isn't a sabbatical usually granted to individuals with the expectation that the individual will return to their position??? In any event, we've included the wiki definition of a sabbatical below.  Even as we speculate as to the terminology that Dr. McCleary and MVRCS have agreed to use, we all know that this is just yet ANOTHER person to fall under the ax of Dictator Kinnon. We have to imagine that either: 1. McCleary tired of being used for his credentials (without the authority or responsibility that accompanies it); 2. FINALLY took issue with having to sign his name to the numerous shenanigans, statements (lies), documents, etc. that he was constantly having to do; or 3. McCleary did something that so angered Kinnon that he wasn't given a choice in the matter. Unfortunately, we're more inclined to believe that it is option number 3 and that while he wasn't given a choice in the matter, he IS being paid for the 'sabbatical' as hush money (again, at the expense of the students as not only are those funds not being effectively used but the school will be without ANY individual who is qualified to run the school). We're sure that McCleary could destroy Kinnon and the school with all that he has been privy to during his time there. It has always been surprising to us that McCleary allowed some of the things that have occurred to occur under his name as he is obviously a very moral, ethical, and righteous individual. While Dr. McCleary was not the strong presence within the school that one would expect of a Director, it never appeared as though he had much say in the matter. Even though the Charter School Laws and Regulations are very clear that the Board NOT have control or oversight into the day to day operations of the school, Kinnon has managed to wrangle almost complete control. Unfortunately for the students and MVRCS community, Dr. McCleary (the only individual on the Board or Administrative Team that has the experience, background, and credentials in education) was not permitted nor encouraged to make decisions or run the school in the manner he saw fit but was instead forced to follow the directions, demands, and practices of Neil Kinnon. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
In recent times, "sabbatical" has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something. In the modern sense, one takes sabbatical typically to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or traveling extensively for research.
In the United States, academic sabbaticals are typically granted by an academic dean only if the faculty member who applies is qualified in terms of consistently high job performance, has demonstrated success in previous research, and possesses a well-conceived, well-planned, and promising research proposal that requires sustained effort. Sabbaticals are not granted automatically and usually are not even scheduled automatically. Provided the faculty applicant is first granted academic tenure (this may not hold true at all institutions), the opportunity to qualify for one's first sabbatical usually comes only after an initial waiting period the length of which may vary. Thereafter, the opportunity to qualify for sabbatical typically follows at seven-year intervals of full-time employment. The most common arrangement is for a half-year at full pay, or a full year at half pay.

Ok, the other typical of MVRCS fiasco is that of the situation that our incoming kindergarten students and family face. They are going to be at the new Athletic center (named of course after Sir Dictator Kinnon), no, no, no, THAT building isn't going to be done in time. SO, let's add a little more stress to the lives of these poor, scared, anxious students - they'll start at the main campus and then, when the other building is done (even if it isn't COMPLETELY done but close enough), they'll be shipped over to the Athletic center. The timing should be PERFECT - they should JUST be adjusting to their new school and routine and now BOOM, yet another change! Oh, and did anyone mention that now instead of 5 Kindergarden classes and 4 1st grade classes, the school has (apparently) decided to add an additional class to each grade level. Yeah, remember that obnoxious ad the school took out last year against Malden schools and the possibility of them increasing their enrollment size, they apparently did it. We'll be VERY curious to see how crowded the first few months of school are at good 'ol MVRCS, as if they weren't packed in there like packed sardines already! Oh, don't we all LOVE the way MVRCS handles things....just another example of their inability to effectively and soundly manage the operations of the school. 
In closing, we can't WAIT to see how the transportation plays out for all of this. After the fiasco last year with first charging and then refunding transportation costs, it is no wonder they are no longer charging for transportation. BTW, per the DESEMVRCS! 


  1. I saw Dr. McCleary leaving the Maplewood Squ. office yesterday afternoon. He had parked his car on the street not parking lot so his visit was not a long one. He did not look like a happy camper. Probably signing paperwork to keep his mouth shut in return for a good reference. You know, the usual MV way!

  2. Oh, and did anyone mention that now instead of 5 Kindergarden classes and 4 1st grade classes, the school has (apparently) decided to add an additional class to each grade level.

    Actually if you look at the school website under the k-3 contact info you will see there is:
    k x5
    1st x4
    2nd x4
    3rd x4
    4th x4
    5th x4
    6th x4

  3. I think we can fairly judge via the tone of this post that you have abandoned any claims to wanting better for the school and have chosen to hyperventilate with capital letters and alarmist innuendo.Yes the Dr. M situation does require scrutiny as does the facilities for Kindergartners but the tone is obnoxious. I was eager to see a more thoughtful response-stop letting your feelings for Kinnon get ahead of what is important and what needs to be changed at the school. I fully agree that things are a mess there but I want it to change for the better without snarky commentary. I probably should just stop reading this blog.

  4. I won't stop reading this blog!

    I've dealt with Dr. McCleary and found him to be an arrogant, self righteous man. Maybe he was just doing what he was told to do, I don't know. It was just very sad.

  5. Hush money is right! The DOE should subpoena the school email records and would probably find the Dictator is indeed running the school day to day business.

  6. I would love to know how we can actually get new board members. In all honesty..their time is up and has been for a VERY long time, but how do we go about getting a new board??

  7. Did anyone notice how many people are gone again! Good teachers, a top notch IT person, a school leader (Dr. Mccleary), and the list goes on. What is left? Gately the crook, the HR do nothing but visit dunkin D and a front office clerk who is clearly as unintelligent as she looks. Oh, let's not forget the pdc's and school assistant directors who are also as lost as they look. But hey, we now have a new pool in Malden and nothing else to show for our kids who could use some real improvements in facilities.

  8. The IT guy was great but, could not stomach what goes on at MVRCS.

  9. You cannot change the board. They self-appoint and regardless of what it says for terms, they just roll over again as long as they wish to be there. There were originally 11 members and have allowed it to get down to a manageable five for control purposes. Not only is Kinnon in conflict of interest when it comes to city matters, but Tom Brennon is the assistant city solicitor which you don't hear mentioned. My question is, if he is the secretary, why is Jordan Shapiro the one taking notes and the keeper of the minutes? His name appears nowhere in the listing of members or staff except for his son.

  10. To Anonymous August 18th @ 1:29
    Re: Number of classes for K and 1st grade

    Copied from the MVRCS site:

    1.Demars, Lyndsay Kindergarten Brandy Bessler

    2.Peach, Stephanie Kindergarten Monique Hale

    3.Levine, Heather Kindergarten Kara Rush

    4.Simonton,Rebecca Kindergarten Amanda MacDonald

    5.Flynn, Kelly Kindergarten Antonella Panza

    6.Baer, Meghan Kindergarten Katerina Metrakas

    1st Grade:
    1.Santoro, Michelle 1st Grade Stephanie Silva

    2.Gregory, Nicole 1st Grade Colleen O'Brien

    3.Guerriero, Diane 1st Grade Mary Ready

    4.Sheehan, Bridget 1st Grade Amy Arneil

    5.Pimental, Tiffany 1st Grade Meghan O'Reilly

  11. As for Shapiro taking the notes, he is the schools attorney (hence the reason his son still works there) and he probably is taking the notes to ensure that nothing illegal is written down (you know, those things that may indicate a conflict of interest or inappropriate discussion etc).
    We didn't realize that Tom Brennan was Assistant City Solicitor -wow, yet another conflict (except we're sure that he doesn't use information from EITHER role to the benefit of EITHER position....NOT). Never Ends!

  12. Note regarding transportation:
    Do not forget that the school can NOT use LINEAR mileage when determining bus eligibility NOR can they use the Salem Street address (for distancing purposes) as a hub.
    The distance is (the most commonly route)DRIVEN mileage (per the DESE) and is based on the students home address and THEIR facility (i.e. building they are educated in - Salem Street, Athletic Facility, or High School).

  13. from

    Dear" target="_parent">maldenlifer,

    I was informed that my name was mentioned by you today on this post. First, let me make something very clear. I am not someone named MVinsider, nor do I know who this person is.

    Secondly, I do not participate in these posts about your school or you, or your boss. Both were put behind me when my child left your school. Including my dislike for you or your boss (I am not sure which one you are.) As long as you do not affect me in anyway, I could care less what you do.

    Thirdly, you do not wish to open up a can of worms between myself and your school again. Remember? It was not pretty. Keep in mind, that there are some liability issues here, and you do not wish to go down that road with me again. As you know, I am known to be very well organized, and do keep records and documentation. (12 yrs. of documentation, in fact.) When my son left this school, I walked away from your school as well. It was too emotional of an experience for me to watch what was taking place, not only with my child, but with other children with learning disabilities as well.

    Having said that, I would appreciate your removing my name from your post. It was not me who posted any of these messages, therefore you should do the right thing. Remember, you do not want to go down that road again with me and my documentation will remain private as well.

    I will not contact just yet. I will let you remove your post first, if you chose to do the right thing. If you do, I am happy to remove this post as well and go back on my merry way.

    Should you wish to speak with me, please email me at, or call me at 781-322-8857.

    Wedding of Your Desire by Carol J. Merletti, Massachusetts Justice of the Peace (Twitter) (Facebook)

  14. This is what the above commented about from

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    MVinsider - or do you prefer Carol M? You know there was never a box used - they have desk top dividers that ALL kids use when in the office. Same concept as a cube at work - keeps people from distractions.

    I believe - according to what i have read - that the DESE gave MV a glowing report on its SPED program - not possible if it were run by hacks as you suggest.

    Time to move on and find a better place for your anger.