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Kinnon & the Malden News - - Disappointed in - Update!

As the comments below will show, Chris, the new editor at the Patch, reinstated the deleted posts and admitted they were deleted in error as they did not violate the terms of use. Funny enough we then posted the same exact comments on (again in response to the same piece submitted to and they have continually removed it. We've read the terms of use and don't feel that it is in violation but apparently Kinnon must have a good Konnection there. Kudos to the Patch for not censoring opinions and comments and boo-hoo to for their one-sided censorship. Furthermore, MVRCParent aka Marty Gately is posting campaign advertisements and attacking users yet his comments have not been deleted after being reported. Check out our poll in the discussion section of

Kinnon recently submitted an 'ad' on the Malden Patch regarding his run for re-election for City Councilor in Malden. Of course, in true politician practice he was focusing only on some of his contribution and accomplishments. We posted a few comments and were disappointed to see that the Malden Patch removed them (not just once, but twice). Although the comments were not favorable to Kinnon, they were accurate. Since the comments have been repeatedly deleted (leading us to believe that the Patch is in Kinnon's pocket), we have decided to repost them here - where they can not be deleted!

Funny he doesn't mention all of his backroom deals or the conflict of interest between his position as Councilor and Chairman of the Board at MVRCS. No mention of him trying to use the Maplewood fire station to secure field space for 'his' school, his attempt to block the Broadway park funding (cause MC will get field space, not MV), or the creation of the Tafton dog park with HUD funds without following their requirements. He also fails to mention his rude and condescending tone that he has become known for at Council meetings. Why leave out what he is best known for!
 In response to another readers comments:
Think Roosevelt Park deal, the firehouse purchase and lease (which no one was able to obtain a copy of) - negotiations that were not done in public or with public approval that Kinnon attempted to push through. AND, let us not forget that as a Board member and Councilor he should have recused himself from any and all negotiations to avoid a conflict of interest.
As for Executive Sessions - although the meetings are permitted under very limited circumstances (and the law is very specific), the minutes are only protected as long as the issue is still ongoing. Once the matter has been resolved or deal completed, those minutes should become public.
The bottom line is that Kinnon does not feel that the rules and laws apply to him. He has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants - regardless of, and despite, the laws that he is bound by.


  1. Hello,

    If you revisit the thread, we may have addressed your concerns. It's my first day as editor, and I didn't realize the site would automatically remove comments that had received a number of flaggings:

    I appreciate you commenting on the site. While we may not know each other very well just yet, I have no interest in deleting comments that adhere to our terms of service. Hope you can chalk this up to an editor getting his feet wet on the first day.

    Kind regards,
    Chris Caesar
    Malden Editor, Patch

  2. Yet another deleted post by from another user:

    They deleted one of mine which I reposted and not sure how long it will stay up:

    MVCSparent: He's only had two ward meetings and only after he was forced and embarrassed into having them. Two in over four years is pretty sad. You don't mention those public safety meetings "across the city" were to push the parking sticker. He bailed on that idea only after it was watered down to exclude the color-coding and changing the times to after 11pm. Don't worry, he'll be back with that one if he gets back in. You forgot to mention he was for the S. Maplewood park redo and then he was against it when the lighting issue came up. He made a mountain out of a molehill and instead of explaining the times and usage of lighting he used it to grandstand and voted against the park. Oh, right, his school won't have a deal with the city for it.

    I want to know what is the deal with the cameras? He had one on his school when the person was shooting a gun on Laurel and Salem St. but no one has ever been charged with that crime. He'll have to keep those charter school offices in Maplewood (that your student is paying for now the FF's have left the station) to keep his cameras on Maplewood Square. Who exactly watches the cameras the charter school has all over the place? As far as him having a beat cop it means Maplewood needs one more than other areas. Not a good job on his watch. Maybe he arranged it in one of his backroom deals with his mentor, the Mayor he got elected his first time out? Oh, and don't forget how he pushed the meals tax that has caused all the restaurants to raise all their prices to cover it. Thanks again, counciler.

    FYI: No one believes you found out about the meetings "from a friend". Were those the same leaflets he printed up at the charter school office after hours? He was seen leaving the building with an armload of leaflets. Again, using your student's resources for his own good.

  3. Check out the comments under Kinnons ad - disgusting how many comments they have deleted. Kinnon & Gately must be working overtime and pulling in all kinds of favors to get them constantly removed! Funny thing is they all say what is posted here and on the Patch!

  4. Rick O'Shea responded to my post on the Patch and his reply got deleted in minutes!!
    I posted a comment on about Rick's comment being erased from the Patch. My comment got deleted from in minutes!!
    All I have to say is WOW!!
    Rick didn't even say anything bad. Here is the entire content of his Patch reply to me that is forbidden:

    "MVCS is taxpayer funded."

    One stinking sentence and it is too controversial for the Patch.

  5. Good Luck Chris Caesar of the Patch. I'd like to get to know you, but it may not go well for Patch employees to be associated with people like me, who state the obvious truth. The powers that be, in town, would not take kindly to you associating with people, who do not know enough shut up and stand quietly by. Granted I am quiet, but that's besides the point. I end up on the wrong side of issues anyway.

  6. Correction: The entire topic concerning censorship was deleted from, not just my single addition to the thread.

  7. Joe

    There are only two places a MVInisider post will survive more than 5 minutes and this blog is one of them. If you want your posts to be read you should stay clear... or better yet just post here. They love all kinds of negative BS from the crazies living in Malden.


    If you're going to run someones campaign you should refrain from leaving childish smiley faces on a blog meant to destroy your opponent.

  8. Thanks Andrew25. It's no secret who I am and the campaign has gone beyond caring about smiley faces. Lots deeper things are happening. People will make choices no matter how smiley I get.
    If I'm criticized for smiling at free speech being exercised in legitimate conversation, then keep the critiques coming. I'm not stopping and neither is the campaign. Something bigger than this will have to derail things.
    The opponent and I have talked. We understand each other.

  9. Joe -
    Yes, the censorship over at is pretty pathetic - especially since it is one sided! I have 'reported' MVRCParent and LastMaldenities comments yet they are NOT deleted...isn't that interesting?
    Thankfully the comments can all be posted here and now MVInsider has a signature line that directs anyone interested in deleted comments to both this site AND I've begun copying any and all messages into the 'Message' section of my profile. So not to worry, the information will be read...!

  10. Gutclencher-
    Don't pay too much attention to my good friend Andy, his bark is worse than his bite! Also, someday he will see the light and cross over to the other side. Its just a matter of time!

  11. Gutclencher..I dont know who you are!! Who are you??

  12. LastMaldenite - Where I live is of no concern, what IS of concern is the manner in which Kinnon handles himself. Honestly, regardless of the money he has managed to pull into his own district, the issues are much bigger. They include obvious conflicts of interests in dealings between the school and the city. Of course, one could argue that he recuses himself from any matters that involve the city but since the school does not make their meeting minutes easily accessible (like posting on their website for ALL to see), we'll never now. Furthermore, his condescending tone, arrogance, and spite have proven to work against him and anything he supports. When Kinnon supports something (or is not in support of something as in the Broadway Park deal), we all think - what's in it for him or his school? He blatantly and proudly refuses to follow the laws that SHOULD govern him and his school (telling the teachers he'd shut the school down if they union ever got in - ILLEGAL). He has also demonstrated on numerous occasions his lack of respect for those people who dedicate themselves to our children and our safety.
    So honestly, it doesn't matter where anyone lives, Kinnons less than honorable, unethical, and self-serving actions have long term, negative implications on too many individuals within Malden.
    I'm sure the bullies will have this removed as it is not favorable to the Dictator but we'll fight that fight again!
    7/21/2011 6:32 PM EDT

  13. Marty aka MVRCParent -
    Let the readers decide? Then why do you keep having my posts deleted? Scared of the voters knowing the truth?
    7/21/2011 6:33 PM EDT

  14. Marcia and Matt (or whoever is continuing to remove these posts) should be ashamed of themselves. Aligning themselves with ANY poster against other posters is just plain wrong and not in true journalistic form. Shame on the person requesting it as well! No wonder people have a problem with Kinnon and his gang of bullies!

    "Funny, the Patch reposted the comments - deleted in error. That's ok Marty, I can just repost it all day long. Oh wait, don't have to - it's posted on Patch AND! xoxox

    Funny he doesn't mention all of his backroom deals or the conflict of interest between his position as Councilor and Chairman of the Board at MVRCS. No mention of him trying to use the Maplewood fire station to secure field space for 'his' school, his attempt to block the Broadway park funding (cause MC will get field space, not MV), or the creation of the Trafton dog park with HUD funds without following their requirements. He also fails to mention his rude and condescending tone that he has become known for at Council meetings. Why leave out what he is best known for!

    BTW Marty - Must be nice to be able to work as the schools PR guy AND help out your friends campaign - on MV's dime!

    The charges are not true? Really? Can you say that with a straight face? Oh yes, of course you can - I forgot who I was dealing with. xoxox

  15. So sad that the discussion regarding the censorship of comments was deleted from this forum. It really does demonstrate the allegiance this site/paper has towards him and his ways. I guess it is no wonder that he does what he does AND gets away with it - he has no fear of at least one media source reporting on it! So much for true journalism - NOT
    For those looking to read the comments, most have been reposted at the website.
    We know, this too will ultimately be deleted. Too bad the folks at cowar to him!

    Want to see the messages that continues to delete? Check out my 'Messages' in my profile! Check out for more comments and opinions!
    7/21/2011 8:34 PM EDT

  16. CLASSIC! You MUST be a KINNON!
    Per LastMaldenite -
    "If you say enough untrue things perhaps some people might
    start believing you. Kinnons problem is that he is to darn honest and instead of filtering he tells you exactly how he sees it instead of trying to figure out what everyone wants to hear. A very bad quality for a politician. Yep something that used to be valued but by a smaller and smaller population today. "
    Too darn honest???? Did you REALLY say that??? He may be a lot of things but honesty isn't on of things that come to my mind when I think of Kinnon!
    Never mind the part about me saying 'enough untrue things' - if so untrue then why are so many people DONE with him? Why are so many prior supporters jumping ship to ANYONE but him? As far as anything I'm saying being untrue - the newspapers are wonderful these days in that they keep all prior news online so people can EASILY research his record and unethical dealings between MV and Malden. Everyone knows what and who he is and more importantly, what he has become.
    I'm sure you'll try to have this conversation deleted too - the truth is much too damaging to have so easily accessible to those who may have forgotten about all of his past dealings!
    I never said he owned the paper but you guys sure are doing everything you can to make sure any anti-Kinnon comments are removed. Two can play!
    7/21/2011 10:32 PM EDT

  17. LastMaldenite -
    You really are delusional! I don't think Annie likes ANYTHING about Neil Kinnon and am not sure where you got that idea from. It looks to me like she was tearing apart the majority of what he was bragging about. Besides, like too many others, the bad totally outweighs any positive that he may do/have. You keep believing what you type on here, I have a feeling the voters of ward 6 will show a very different story come the election. Lots of results to not only dispute but to also question the manner and integrity in which they were accomplished.
    7/21/2011 10:42 PM EDT

  18. This post was from AnnieO and since I'm SURE it will be deleted as it is very direct and anti-Kinnon, I'm reposting it here as well!

    LastMaldenite: How can you be so sure that MVInsider is fabricating stories about Kinnon? You admit you admire him from across the city and don't live in the ward and I am guessing don't have children in the charter school. You must also admire Deb Fallon who is also a friend of the taxpayer (doesn't support PAYT, voted against Kinnon's meals tax and parking sticker etc.) and no BS. You know where you stand with Deb and as an added bonus, she isn't part of the "old boy network" that has ruined this city. But I digress...MVInsider has learned after dealing with Kinnon at the school what he is all about, as have I. You have not known him and his style for over 13+ years as I have. Maybe you don't want to hear it from someone who has had first hand dealings with him but I can assure you we need better in this ward. It isn't fair to his family, the students at the charter school, the citizens of this ward and last but not least, his day job that he is spread so thin. We need someone whose main focus (after the family) is this ward. You cannot say the same of Kinnon.

    You do realize if it was up to him (and it will come up again if he gets re-elected!)we would now have a color-coded sticker on your car and which your visitors would get a $300 ticket if they didn't leave your home by 11pm? Whatever Kinnon has done for the ward is great but he needs to stop the "Big Brother" actions and move along.

    BTW: Maplewood Square looked good before he came and will look good long after he is gone! Not talking the people, just the look of the square when you're driving through. There is one major complaint I have but I will wait and address it with the ward councilor who will listen and actually speak to me.
    7/22/2011 4:32 PM EDT

  19. To LastMaldenite -
    So much for my fabricating cause if I am, then so are the local papers! We'll start first with Roosevelt Park...

    Roosevelt Park deal announcement -

    Roosevelt Park Deal Void -

    Howard saying deal could (should) have been more open -
    7/22/2011 4:43 PM EDT

  20. Now we'll move on to the fiasco over the firestation in Maplewood sq -

    An article where many of the OTHER (those with no conflict of interest and/or extortion attempts) deemed the firehouse unhealthy and unacceptable -

    Title says it all - Malden closing ROTTING Fire station...

    Kinnon (with major conflict of interest) and his friend Nestor challenging everyone else's judgement -

    A report on the mold found at same firestation-

    And finally (although much more out there) a copy of the report from 2006 that the state of Mass did on the air quality at the Maplewood

    But yes, I am fabricating stuff!
    Next, let's talk about issues that involve MVRCS and Kinnon dragging their good name and reputation through the mud....Should we then move onto the quotes in the papers about Kinnons behavior, attitude and lack of respect for those in the community? Lots of good stuff on that too!
    7/22/2011 4:57 PM EDT

  21. Ok, next on the list - MV and Kinnon's impact there....just FYI, this list WON'T include the numerous and on-going communication between parents and teachers with the DESE nor the CPR reports from the DESE (where Kinnon refuses to follow the laws that govern charter schools -specifically the Board). On the upside, much of that and a more thorough picture of Kinnon can always be found at!

    Failure to submit an adequate anti-bullying plan (cause of course how would a bully even know where to begin??) -

    Then the whole refusal to submit payroll records last year
    and then when they did (of course after the Boston Globe reported on it and Rick Veilleux tried to defend it AND the highlight, the 407 pages of HANDWRITTEN salary report). Of course the end result being that MV pays their (very young) teachers less than members of the F&F club because of course, Kinnon believes a monkey could teach children....

    Where MV failed to meet federal progress -

    Oh then another classic, the lovely ad that MV took out putting down Malden public schools (does Kinnon not care about those residents in his ward who do not attend MV??)

    But again, boy am I fabricating LastMaldenite....great guy that Kinnon!
    7/22/2011 5:19 PM EDT

  22. I guess a great ending to this little fabrication of mine is Kinnon's self proclaimed hatred of unions. When he was the Fire Commissioner, the firefighters hated him and he caused problems (and a hefty lawsuit that the City had to pay for because of Kinnon's stubbornness) and the ongoing issues that continue. He told the teachers/staff at MV that if the union came into the school he would close it down....Guess he doesn't have any union workers that he gives a hoot about in his ward either....But hey, I hear he gives out lottery tickets to the elderly (while his good friend and current employee Gately is stealing it back!)......What fabrications!
    7/22/2011 5:19 PM EDT

  23. The articles didn't address if Kinnon took part in any of those negotiations or not but nice try.
    It doesn't matter when the Firestation deal took place, it turned into a fiasco, no one was able to gain access to a copy of the contract, and the deal gave MV special rights.
    Kinnon is on the board but has more say than is permissible under DESE/Charter school regulations. As far as his participation at the meetings (and outside of meetings - called OML violation) - one would never know because Kinnon and friends make it practically impossible to gain access to a copy of meeting minutes. But again, the articles do not say anywhere that Kinnon took no part in those negotiations. You must be hoping that people take you at your word and don't go read the articles themselves OR request a copy of the meeting minutes.
    As for when he was commissioner, would you like to see the nasty little lawsuit the firemen filed because Kinnon tried to take away their first amendment right....? What do you think that cost?
    Again, my residency is of no concern to you or anyone else. Since Kinnon has used and abused his powers to the detriment of too many outside of ward 6, the issue is mute and irrelevant.
    Your postings are really the sorry story and contain innuendo and wishful thinking on your behalf. Must be tough having a family member that is known for such antics.
    7/22/2011 5:50 PM EDT

  24. Since some people seem to not know who I am, I will honor the request for information. I'll make it easy.
    Obtain the latest version of the Malden Advocate, July 22.
    I'm on page 7. Read the article. Thanks for the support.