Thursday, May 26, 2011

How REAL School Boards Do It....Meeting Minutes

Even though the Attorney General under the Open Meeting Laws now requires school committees (including Board of Trustees of charter schools) to provide 48 hour notice (with an agenda)AND keep minutes of all meetings, it seems that of the sending districts, only the Board at Mystic Valley does not feel the need to make such minutes easily accessible to parents. Getting a copy of the minutes for Board Meetings at Mystic Valley is, at the very least, a challenging task. While most districts (and the sending districts of MVRCS) make their minutes easily accessible on their website, Sir Kinnon does not choose to do so. At MVRCS if a parent or individual would like to see the minutes a request must be made and a copying fee charged unless one chooses to go into the business office to review them there (if they do in fact exist - we've heard that the appointed secretary of the board is not generally taking notes). Additionally, while minutes of Executive Sessions are only legally allowed to be kept confidential until the issue(s) discussed within such sessions have been resolved, His Royal Arse has refused to release these minutes upon request (and let us not fail to mention that the Board is only LEGALLY permitted to enter into Executive Session under certain circumstances, not whenever they choose).
In any event, we feel that it is worth demonstrating how school boards/committees who are accountable to the parents of their school AND have NOTHING to hide, make obtaining copies of meeting minutes so incredibly easy to access. We feel it is also worth mentioning that at some of these meetings state representatives have attended. This of course would NEVER happen at MVRCS (except of course maybe Arse's side kick Howard who doesn't count) as if any public official (besides those from Malden who have become immune to Kinnon's rude, arrogant behavior toward those in attendance) EVER witnessed the Board Meetings at MVRCS, they would be truly horrified and disgusted. Never mind the fact that Kinnon has incorrectly informed parents that dared to speak out that he 'doesn't have to have public meetings' - yet another illegal bullying tactic from the Arse's mouth. Oh Kinnon, what a gem you are!

How great it is for the parents of these districts that parents are actually permitted to be kept abreast of what takes place at meetings involving their childs education. Simply Marvelous!

Stoneham School Committee Minutes:

Melrose School Committee Minutes:

Wakefield School Committee Minutes:

Medford School Committee Minutes:

Everett School Committee Minutes:

Malden School Committee Minutes: (these were, by far, the most vague and lacking of all the sending districts)

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