Monday, February 21, 2011

Kinnon - Mudding the MVRCS Name....?

It is a well known fact that we have numerous issues with Neil Kinnon and the dictatorship he has created for himself. At the same time we do appreciate that MVRCS would not be in existence today if it weren't for the efforts of him and the other founding members. We have been very vocal in pointing out issues we find troubling such as the numerous conflicts of interest surrounding many of his actions and decisions, the hiring and retaining of individuals solely based on their association with him (regardless of their qualifications and/or performance), his disregard and demeaning manner in which parents of the school are treated, and the treatment of the teachers and staff of the school (who are NOT part of his inner circle). We have worked (and continue to do so) towards bringing the bigger issues to the attention of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, State Ethics Committee, Attorney General, Inspector General, and Governor Deval Patrick. While our efforts have been solely on issues pertaining to the school, it seems as though others within the community have concerns of their own and are acting on those concerns. It is our understanding that a number of state agencies have begun investigating allegations of corruption and wrong-doing amongst Malden politicians. Included within the issues being investigated are the many back room deals that are common between Neil Kinnon and the City of Malden (such as the park deal from last spring) that are conducted outside of the laws that govern their actions. We can't be sure what the end result will be or how this will implicate or impact our school but the issue remains that if Neil Kinnon followed not only the letter of the laws but the spirit of the laws as well, MVRCS would not be in a position to be found guilty by association. We will wait with baited breath as the investigation continues and will keep everyone updated as to the status of the numerous investigations currently being conducted by various state agencies.

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  1. Hopefully the day will come when the school will be forced to stop doing whatever they want.