Monday, January 3, 2011

An Opportunity to Part Ways With Neil Kinnon? REALLY!

We recently read that the City of Malden is looking to 'appoint' a CFO or City Treasurer (see the news article @ Appointing CFO in City of Malden) and we initially though this would be a PERFECT fit (from our perspective) for Neil Kinnon, a self-proclaimed "NUMBERS MAN" (or so we've heard).  We can't imagine (nor do we wish to) that Neil Kinnon would be able to do all of his current positions any justice while also serving as a CFO or City Treasurer to the City of Malden. Therefore, we would imagine that if appointed he would definitely be required under the Ethics Laws to resign as Chairman of the Board at MVRCS  (although one would have thought that his current position as City Councilor would be viewed as a conflict of interest too but who are we). The question remains though that if Neil Kinnon goes, does that mean that all the members of his friends and family who are recipients of the 'Kinnon Welfare' program would be required to leave shortly thereafter? One can only hope.
Yes, Neil Kinnon would make an ideal candidate for the City of Malden Treasurer aka CFO, who better to cover up the wrong doings of his good friend Mayor Howard than Neil Kinnon himself. And then again, who better to cook the books for the City of Malden than Neil Kinnon who has been cooking the books at MVRCS for years? The article referenced earlier discusses the ongoing battle of who should have the honor of appointing the lucky candidate, the City Councilors or the Mayor. Hmmm, seems like the position should be an elected position to ensure honesty and integrity between government officials (cause we all know how incredibly honest, ethical, and morally correct some politicians are).
Rumor has it that Mayor Howard will appoint Neil Kinnon to this newly developed (and quite conveniently timed) position and that in return Neil Kinnon will have Mayor Howard appointed to the Board of Trustees for MVRCS. Another convenient backroom deal between the City of Malden and MVRCS. How convenient that now they will each be able to have each other to watch over their past wrong-doings and actions. How conveniently perfect it all is. Unfortunately NOT. Let us all hope that this vision of future happenings does not come to fruition.


  1. Now Howard going to the charter school is a new one on me. I heard that once Howard appoints Kinnon as the Malden Treasurer, no wait, nominates him first for the future mayor of Malden, that Kinnon will decline and then nominate Gary C, who is running for Mayor. Once Kinnon is “appointed” as Treasurer, Fran Brown is going to take Kinnon's place at the charter school.

    Nothing shocks me any more between Malden city hall and this school. I don't know which is worse, Brown being the head of the school, (But then again, his brother was appointed as principal of Malden High School with no experience.) or Kinnon knowing everyone in Malden's personal finances. No wait. They both make me ill just thinking about it.

  2. why doesnm't howard appoint his good friend gately to the treasurer position - whjo better to turn an eye to one thief than another!

  3. Oh this town is so ridiculous- wish I never moved here, I was warned though...