Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Transportation Update.....Sorry, Don't Have One!

We've been emailing Rick Veilleux trying to clarify the transportation issue, specifically related to the HS students who live within 2 miles of the lower school but more than 2 miles from the HS. He has yet to respond to us and we have to question if this is in fact because the school realizes that they are not in compliance with the law by using 770 Salem Street as a hub and denying transportation to the 'hub' for HS students who are within the 2 miles. Even sadder to us is the fact that we've included Associated Commissioner Jeff Wulfson in all of our emails AND emailed him independently to ask for his assistance in ensuring that the school is following the laws, yet have not heard back from him. We truly hope that he is working with the school to ensure they are following the laws governing transportation policies but are left to believe otherwise as a result of his silence and inaction. It is unfortunate that not only has the school initiated (and still as far as we are aware) is following a policy that is not in compliance with the law, but that the DESE after having been advised and included in our attempts, has failed to enforce the regulations that the school is bound by. Of course, we could be totally mistaken and the situation has been resolved but we wouldn't know as neither party has responded to our request for clarification. Not to worry as we will continue to seek clarification!

 This was the response from Mr. Wulfson regarding our initial inquiry and dated October 7:

Transportation distances are measured from the student’s home to the school that the student is attending. The school may, but is not required, to provide transportation to students living under 2 miles.

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