Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Example of Salary Issues at MVRCS.....

We find ourselves drawn repeatedly to the Globes listing of the top 50 salaries at MVRCS as we keep finding examples of preferential treatment (in this case, salary) for friends, family members, and associates of various individuals. While a number of HS teachers were mentioned, very few lower school teachers were actually mentioned. One individual pointed out that this may be due to differences in education and/or experience and not as a result of questionable practices. As we began looking into the teachers in the lower school, we realized that a few of them have been at the school for many years, some have Master's degrees, and others take on extra activities that pay 'stipends', yet fail to appear on 'the list'.
For instance, we know that the entire second grade team are all long time employees (one has been commended for exceptional  behavior management - Ms. White), at least one has obtained her Master's (Ms. Lynch), one is in the process (again Ms. White), yet neither of these individuals are making more than 45,000.00? It upsets us (especially in light of the massively high turnover and Neil Kinnon's statement to the contrary) that these teachers (who most would say are highly qualified and an asset to the teaching staff of MVRCS), and many of the other long term teachers, are not making what the facility manager and supervisor, office manager, lower level music teacher, or public relations employees are. It seems as no wonder that long time teachers are making a mass exit out of MVRCS, many must be livid that so many individuals that perform the least are paid the most.

We also question the salary of Anthony Chiccaurelli (who was hired as a result of a family relationship) as while we appreciate that he must do as he is told, he does not possess the knowledge, skills, or ability to adequately screen candidates, apply and follow labor laws, or handle employee issues with discretion or professionalism. The fact the school pays out an outrageous amount of money each year for recruitment and to an HR outsourcing firm , one must wonder why the school must employ an HR Director at 82,000.00. It seems the responsibilities that would normally fall within his job description have been outsourced. Mr. Chiccaurelli is one of the individuals responsible for the interviewing and hiring of staff continue to hire individuals that, for whatever reasons, do not stay employed at the school for an extended period of time. It may have something to do with the poor interviewing and screening process in practice. It is also our understanding that should an employee feel the need to approach either the Administration or Mr. Chiccaurelli regarding an issue, the attitude is seldom one of support, guidance, and/or rarely handled professionally and with ethical integrity. As a result many staff members seldom approach the Administration or seek assistance from Mr. Chiccaurelli out of fear of it being held against them or completely ignored. On another HR note, we have to wonder if ALL employees of MVRCS have had full CORI checks done on them (as required) as we have a few individuals who we question their eligibility to work within a school setting.
An example of the less than inspiring hiring practices of MVRCS would include that of the Project Manager who has been hired to oversee the building of the new 'Athletic Facility'. Mr. Kinnon and the board looked far and wide to ensure the best candidate was found and hired; his next door neighbor. We question how many other individuals were interviewed or resumes reviewed before making this hiring decision. Apparently the gentleman in question was involved in the Big Dig project. We'll be interested to see if this project stays as on budget as that one did. We would hope that at the very least this gentleman is well versed in the purchasing and contracting requirements that govern our school.


  1. The school does whatever it wants to do regarding hiring of relatives and friends, etc. As far as the salaries go, I wouldn't work at the school if I wasn't related. The unfairness and disregard for a well deserved salary would cause me to leave.

  2. I found this on an earlier post and now that I see that Kathy Kinnon got a 3000.00 stipend for being the swim team secretary, can't help but wondering who else is getting stipends and for what? How would one go about seeing the breakdown for these figures?

    Pupil Services ----
    Contracted professional services and related costs, including stipends. $12,454.00

    Contracted professional services and related costs, including stipends. $269,082.00

    Contracted professional services and related costs, including stipends. $243,024.00

    Contracted professional services and related costs, including stipends, for extracurricular/club activities. $119,287.00

  3. What about the reverse? Burt Shapiro has been at the school for how many years AND has his Master's (in math no less) yet is.....a little of this and a little of that? I've heard that his reviews have been less than stellar yet he is re-hired year after year. Oh, that's right, his father is the school's attorney. Interesting enough, Karen Hart also has her Master's yet the school refused to give her a class of her own and then didn't renew her contract last year. At least with Ms. Hart when she was supposed to be doing something or somewhere, she was! No preferential treatment shown between these two though, right?

  4. Speaking of CORI checks....a reader sent us the following link to a police report from 2007 - sure how he would pass a CORI check...nor Gately for that matter.

    "Police arrested Greg Kinnon, 43, of 6 Girard Road, at 1:56 p.m. at his residence on a charge of aggravated assault and battery, after his wife reported to police that her husband had “pushed her” and she requested to see a police officer."

  5. The next meeting has not been posted yet. This Thursday is Veterans Day so I doubt it will be held then. And just so you know people don't "pass" a CORI report. It's not a test!
    Nice to see you're still airing peoples dirty laundry. That is if the last post is even true. I wonder how your life hold up to a glaring spotlight when you're forced to stand in the open.

  6. The post is true...check out the link (
    The CORI isn't a test but not everyone has one that permits employment in all environments, so it is a 'test' of sorts - character.
    Thanks for the concern regarding being held up in a glaring spotlight, no criminal or issues with our CORI checks. Thanks for asking though.

  7. Andrew25, the more you post, the more your character says a lot about you.

    If an unknown person applied at the school for a job, who had a criminal background for pushing his wife, or a former lawyer who stole money from a client, and then was disbarred, Mr. Kinnection would not have hired them. But because it is his brother, and the PR guy is a former Malden City Councilor, they got the job. If you didn't have kinnections, you would be outraged that these kinds of people are working in a school envirnment.

    You're O.K. with that? Because, as a parent, I am not. This honestly says a lot about you.

  8. Hmmm.....this last post says a lot about me? Let's break it down my peeps!

    Next meeting has not been posted-fact
    Thursday is Veterans Day-fact
    People don't pass a CORI-fact
    A CORI is not a test-fact
    Bloggers still airing peoples dirty laundry-fact

    And just so you're all on the same page it's a "konnection" not a "kinnection".

  9. "Kinnection" is most accurate.

  10. Funny enough it could be either --- Kin - for Kinnon or kin (i.e. relative) or Kon for having a connection with Kinnon. The Kin one is newer I believe but still quite appropriate!

    Thank you for the updates regarding the next board meeting, yes, Thursday is Veterans Day which would be the next normal meeting. One thing worth pointing out to Andrew is that up until 2008-2009 school year, MVRCS didn't take the day off. Per Kinnon, while we are at war the school will honor our men and woman who are fighting and/or dying as a result of the war.

    As for 'passing' a CORI check, Andrew, you are again quite correct. A CORI check MUST (by law) be performed on all new school employees (and bus drivers) before hiring and then again every three years. You are correct that you don't 'pass' it but your record must be clean or near clean to qualify one for employment within a school. The unfortunate part is that while the DESE requires the checks, they do not identify what can or can not be found on an individuals CORI for them to qualify for a position within our schools and working with our children. They leave this up to the schools/districts.

    Our question is if ALL employees are held to the same standards or qualifications as to what can and/or can not be found on a CORI check to qualify for employment. But....more on this in our next post....tease, tease, tease....

  11. Kinnons assertion toward keeping the charter true? Boy is he full of himself! The charter he speaks of stands for: Clueless Homeboys Avoid Reality To Employ Relatives (CHARTER)!

    The whole institution stinks with cronyism and back-stratching deals that it pains me think of the individuals who are in charge. Seriously, Finn is incompetent (too many helmut-to-helmut hits!) luckily he's only Asst. Dufus. And then there's Rick V., pompous a$$ who is pathetic and quite simply ignorant. That's why he needed a stipend to pay for some education training to become whatever it is he dprofesses to be! Thanks goodness for Dr. McCleary; although he's a marionette for the entire entourage of educators. Utterly ridiculous what goes on within the walls of MVRCS. Happiliy the teachers are dedicated and smart enough to get out of the Administrations way when they espouse some virtue they believe should be followed. They are useless although they think they're correct! Joke is on them. No one really believes in what they speak.

  12. If everyone is so incompetent why do so many people want to come. It would be impossible for an organization to have such clueless leadership and still be successful

  13. Hey funny on that list of top employees with comment after comment only one of the 50 no comment on? Why was that? Hmm wonder who the mvinsider unofficial guy is? Yes school just running itself and gets all kinds of accolades and huge waiting list. Hmm maybe all public schools should be this way. Get rid of all mgt and things will be excellent. What a bunch of morons running this site.