Friday, October 8, 2010

They Won't Grow Up, No They'll Never Grow Up.....

We thought maybe, just maybe the opponents to this blog who have been bombarding us with comments that were immature, crude and demonstrated their lack of character would realize the errors of their ways and would have learned to control themselves. Unfortunately, that was not the case and they once again begain posting a massive amount of hate-filled and nasty comments. It is unfortunate that they refuse to acknowledge that their are any problems or issues that must be addressed but rather, see us as the issue and problem. As we expressed earlier, we have been able to determine that these individuals are either directly associated with the school (i.e. Administrators, Board Members, or employees) or are indirectly associated with them (i.e. family members, associates, or friends) as they made statements that only Rick Veilleux, Martin Gately, or Dr. McCleary would be able to make as a result of email communications they received.  While we would be remiss to actually name names or accuse an actual individual, we do know that regardless of who it is, the (2) individuals  are somehow connected to the school. We are embarrassed and ashamed not only of them but for them as well. We do question where these individuals were educated as their spelling was atrocious and hope that they are not MVRCS educated (although it would make sense if they received services under the schools Special Education department).
We can appreciate and understand school officials being upset with having to deal with parents who they can not intimidate, bully, or push aside yet we do not feel that anyone deserves to be spoken to in the manner, tone, and language that is being used by these individuals. A bit back a very rational parent suggested obtaining a mediator in an effort to work through some of the bigger issues and concerns expressed in this blog. We refer to the actions, threats, and behaviors of the individuals posting comments on here who are upset at our efforts to rectify certain situations as to the effectiveness of such efforts. It is interesting that the posters believe that the only people who are upset about the questions regarding the lottery process are the individuals who did not get into the school. Our children are in the school (and got in through legitimate channels) but we find the situation upsetting as it is in direct violation of the laws that govern our school. Call us idealistic or unrealistic but we believe laws and regulations are in place for a reason and we do not believe it fair or right to attempt to circumvent them or place oneself above them, regardless of ones justifications.
Long story short, we were once again forced to moderate comments that will be posted on this site. If you had the unfortunate experience of reading what was posted earlier, you can appreciate our decision. We do welcome comments and promise to post comments regardless of whether they are in agreement with our position or against it. We will continue to refuse to post those that are nasty in nature, contain foul language, or resort to name calling. We welcome comments that may not agree with ours but ask that they be posted respectfully.

The wise man questions the wisdome of others because he questions his own, the foolish man, because it is different from his own. Leo Stein

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