Saturday, September 11, 2010

Copy of Email to Community Leaders, DESE, and the Media

The following letter was emailed to local and state community leaders, members of the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, and a number of newspapers and tv reporters. If you are interested in specifics, please notifiy us and we will gladly provide the complete list. Thank you.

September 9, 2010

Dear Community Leaders;

We are seeking your assistance to ensure the success of our charter school, Mystic Valley Regional Charter School located in Malden. As parents of children in the school, we commend them for their accomplishments but have grown concerned as a result of their blatant disregard for the laws that govern their conduct. We do not feel that their successes relieve them of their obligations to follow the laws and regulations that govern them.

The school currently falls under the leadership and guidance of its Board of Trustees, which Malden Councilor Neil Kinnon (who has taken over leadership as the Chairman of the Board). Not only is this clearly a conflict of interest under State Ethics Laws but is also not permissible under the laws that govern Charter Schools and in violation of directives from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Although the school currently does have a School Director on staff, he has no leadership or say in the operations or management of the school. In addition, Mr. Kinnon has been in violation of the Open Meeting laws in previous years and can be expected to continue this practice. The DESE has issued a directive to the Board regarding this issue yet they have refused to comply. We question Mr. Kinnon’s ability and knowledge in the meeting the educational needs of our children, as well as his motives for many of his decisions and actions. As our residents, schools, businesses, and government are in the midst of tight economic times, an equally disturbing violation involves fraud through the hiring of numerous friends and family members, many of which are unqualified, overpaid, and/or unnecessary.

In an effort to rectify this situation and secure the future of our school and children’s education, we are seeking your assistance and guidance. We have filed claims with numerous agencies that should be responsible for the oversight of our schools but seek your assistance to ensure the situation receives the attention it requires. We have also created a blog as a means of communication among parents, teachers, and community leaders as much of what has allowed MVRCS to get away with was a result of limiting our knowledge of their actions. Our blog can be found at The UnOfficial MVRCS Blog and we ask that you monitor it and this situation in the hopes of rectifying this unfortunate situation.

Thank you,

UnOfficial MVRCS

A Group of Parents from MVRCS


  1. I would be very interested in hearing who this was sent to, AND their response. Thank you for doing this, it has been a long time coming.

  2. Long over due is not the word. I commend all parents involved in bringing all the issues out in the open for all to see. From day one, I too, was a parent who felt the wrath of the Board Members and Administration due to my refusal to live by their rules, and for fighting back when they violated laws. It was emotionally draining on my family, as well as many other families who stood up for their rights. Thirteen years of ethics violations and the same Board Members and has been way too long without being held accountable for their actions. Once again, I commend you.

  3. Andrew25- What do you think of this blog?


  4. What a bunch of "weak" people who hide behind your curtains and have such "big ideas" on how to handle things! If you were truly concerned you would post your names and stand up for what is "right" (or wrong) instead of posting blind fiction and try to be the playground bully! And as far as transparency, the gutless person who started this blog should announce who they are and it sure is funny how they put out a survey when they spun up this site and because it wasn't getting the results they expected they decided to remove it and put up a survey that only allows responses that reflect thier "twisted" view of things! Gutless folks like you are clearly what is WRONG with this country and instead of celebrating a sucessful school you do nothing but complain; wonder how many of you actually vote and attend public guess, most of you don't but love to hit the anonymous blogs as it is so easy to bash folks who can't look you in the eye and debate the FACTS!

  5. I hope that's not who I think it is. Crying about how mistreated her and her family was at a school she could have left at any time. It's a school of CHOICE! That story is getting old.

  6. Love it, weak people - what because anyone who dares expose themselves to you would be eliminated? I agree, it is unfortunate that the families students must revert to this forum in order to be heard within their own school. I don't think anyone is trying to be the playground bully, you wear that title so well, we'll let you keep it. The people that started this blog were forced to do so as a result of the schools ongoing disregard for the laws and statues that govern political figures and charter school operations. I think we've all heard the stories of what happens at MVRCS to people who dare to stand up for their child or question the actions of the school. That is gutless, weak, and typical for a bully. What, scared of what this blog might accomplish? BTW - missed our little 'chats'! Nice to see you again (especially in a forum where you can't censor the content). Your old friend - MVInsider

  7. BTW - Those calling others weak for not posting their names, most are doing for the sake of their children. Whats your excuse? So strong and brave, post YOUR name. Yeah, that's what I thought.

  8. Why is it we're on west coast time. Maybe our blogger is not even be from MA. I thought it was odd that it was finished a 2 am. Or you could just have no life.

  9. @MVINSIDER: you probably don't even have kids (or kids at this school) and I'd guess you probably are one of those sub-standard teachers that either got booted or should I said, gutless big mouth who probably has nothing else in life to do but blame others for your miserable life...good luck to ya...

  10. Oh yes, Andrew25 - remember your prior comment that most parents don't care about any of this. Want to place a wager? Put your money where your mouth is? Oh that's right, you already have someone to take bets for you. Regardless, I'm sure we'll see in due time.

  11. The issue of who I am (MVInsider) is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the issues being addressed in this blog. Or do you still not get it? Between Conflict of Issues, Codes of Conduct, Charter School Laws, and the like, the issues are much bigger than who I may or may not be. But you knew that, didn't you. Keep trying to divert attention from the the real issues if it makes you feel better, the truth(s) will come out.

  12. MV-Did you start this blog?

  13. At least you're back. I felt like a little kid with no friends to play with the last 2 days.

  14. ANDY - I know exactly how you feel (except I must admit, I've been so much more productive without you around to bicker with!).
    No, I didn't start this blog but might have pushed a few buttons to get others to do it. I think it might have been my fictitious (but funny) letter of mine. Sorry you didn't find it amusing but at least it served a purpose.

  15. I don't know. This seems to have your fingerprints all over it. No one else posting could have put this together. Most of your friends are not that quick.
    Who takes my bets for me? How much do you want to put up? I'll start taking my own survey. And while we're talking about surveys what did happen to those first two surveys? I would have to agree it's pretty weak to have a survey that you can only answer with a negative.

  16. Consider before that perhaps you didn't know but now you will be considered knowing what you say is untrue with the intention of harming through libel and slander: The operative words are that you know now. This is from State Ethics website that you have on here:

    You were a member of the founding coalition of individuals who
    joined together to apply for and receive a charter to operate The
    ABC Charter School ("ABC School" or "ABC") and, without election or
    appointment, you continued on as a member of ABC's initial Board of
    Trustees ("Board of Trustees" or "Trustees"). The Board of
    Trustees includes employees and officials of Municipality X,
    parents and individuals associated with several private business
    and nonprofit entities.

    Ruling on State Ethics site check it out and now you know or should have known.

    1. For purposes of the conflict of interest law, (i) is the
    ABC School a public or a private entity, and (ii) if public, is it
    a state or municipal agency?
    2. May you serve on both the Board of Trustees of the ABC
    School and the School Committee?

    1. The ABC School is (i) a public rather than a private
    entity and (ii) a state rather than a municipal agency for purposes
    of the conflict of interest law. Because they are uncompensated
    for their services, the members of ABC's Board of Trustees are
    special state employees.
    2. Yes, subject to the limitations discussed below.

    Guess what A Charter School Board of Trustee is a State Employee and a City Councillor is a municipal employee. Lots of State Employees who get paid are City Councillors all around the state. Yes Charter School Trustees are unpaid.

    Lets see how long this stays on your site. Take it off and it will be proof you know. Libel and Slander look it up.

  17. Don't worry about the first two surveys. Some of us were smart enough to save the screen when it first existed. MVinsider perhaps one person you slander and libel is a public figure but school personnel are not. Think twice before erasing this screen. Libel and Slander you know what that means don't you that is why you aren't out in the open. Since it appears you are on the west coast doing this and have lots of time. Anyone with a brain can see you are trying to destroy this wonderful school as it has become such a threat. By the way a person can take your survey as many times as they want. I did and have proof so how many is the 19 so far? Is it four You, Oceans and this Annie O? Perhaps a couple of their hateful friends and family.

  18. For the person speaking of libel, slander, and ethics violations:
    You may not hire, promote, supervise, or otherwise participate in the employment of your immediate family or your spouse's immediate family.
    • You may not take any type of official action that will affect the financial interests of your immediate family or your spouse's immediate family. For instance, you may not participate in a licensing or inspection process involving a family member's business.
    • You may not take any official action affecting your own financial interest, or the financial interest of a business partner, private employer, or any organization for which you serve as an officer, director or trustee. For instance: you may not take any official action regarding an "after hours" employer, or its geographic competitors; you may not participate in licensing, inspection, zoning or other issues that affect a company you own, or its competitors; if you serve on the Board of a non-profit organization (that is substantially engaged in business activities), you may not take any official action which would impact that organization, or its competitors.
    • Except under special circumstances, you may not have a financial interest in a contract with your public employer. For example, if you are a full time town employee, a company you own may not be a vendor to that town unless you meet specific criteria, the contract is awarded by a bid process, and you publicly disclose your financial interest.
    • You may not represent anyone but your public employer in any matter in which your public employer has an interest. For instance, you may not contact other government agencies on behalf of a company, an association, a friend, or even a charitable organization.

    These would just be a few of the conflict of interest and code of conduct laws that concern us.

  19. Also, as for the initial survey, unfortunately either the system was malfunctioning or SOMEONE was attempting to rig those results as well. It seems that although we had only had 7 unique visitors at that point, our survey had 29 responses. Yes, we know you can vote multiple times but we hope that most people are honest enough to just contribute once. As the survey stands now, if someone doesn't have a concern they don't have to answer the poll but it prevents people from trying to fix the results. Thank you.

  20. Another issue of great concern that is a clear conflict of issue:
    The conflict law prohibits elected and appointed public officials at the state, county, and municipal level from participating(3) in particular matters(4) in which their immediate family members have a financial interest.(5) Immediate family is defined in the statute as "the employee and his spouse, and their parents, children, brothers and sisters." For example, an official’s brother-in-law would be considered "immediate family" if he were the brother of the official’s spouse but not if he were married to the official’s sister.
    Advisory 86-02: Nepotism
    In addition to these sections of the law, nepotism raises concerns under G.L. c. 268A, § 23, which sets forth standards of conduct regulating all public employees. Essentially, § 23 prohibits public officials from using their position to secure an unwarranted privilege of substantial value for themselves or others, or from acting in a manner which gives a basis for the impression either that they are improperly influenced by another person, or that someone is unduly enjoying their favor because of kinship. Therefore, if a public official wishes to participate in a matter which affects the financial interest of a relative, even if that relative is not a member of his or her immediate family, (e.g., a cousin or a niece) they may not give preference to the relative because of the relationship. They must also be careful to avoid the appearance of favoritism based on kinship. This is done by publicly disclosing the relationship and following ordinary and accepted procedures without deviation.

  21. Also, its only libel or slander if it is untrue. Per Ethics Committee, the Assistant Director is also governed by the Conflict of Issue laws and as such relatives receiving preferential treatment is a clear violation and they can be held accountable.
    Thanks for the warning though.

  22. Please see post dated September 10 concerning Opinion, Libel, and Slander Defined.

  23. Why not reveal your name if you are so sure of yourself? The reason is that lies get you in lots of trouble for slander and libel. Hiding in the shadows allows you to say whatever to damage this school and that is all its really all about. You are either just stupid(I doubt) and a tool of the unions or you are indeed part of MTA looking to organize the school. We all know where that ends, mediocrity for 20% of the workforce, leadership that pounds on teachers that go above and beyond because they love it, mediocre education at best for the vast majority while wasting vast sums on those blood suckers who know how to work the system and low test scores like the District this school resides in. End result DOE closes the school within five years and you are happy and all those who follow you can't believe it happened and there kids are forced to go back to the monopoly public school who then have no competition to worry about. Hopefully parents see through this charade.

  24. So how many times have you voted forty As I have already done five in the other side which says ID.

  25. If you have children at MVRCS, you have no choice than to remain anonymous. I learned the hard way that the school will find a way to retaliate against a child if a parent speaks out. So parents be very careful.

  26. I am so very tired of "parents" not liking this, nor liking that about MVRCS. There are enough potential students on the waitlist who would love to have your student's place. If you don't like the school, the decision is very simple.

    I would like to know a couple of things:

    1.) How was my email address obtained to be able to receive a link to this blog. I would have liked to have nothing to do with it, but someone has made me involved by doing so. You should list your names not say "Parents of MVRCS" because I can tell you, there are more parents who believe in what the school is doing than your little group.

    2.) How can these "anonymous" parents be hidden? You say things you have no official proof of, but yet feel the need to put your "opinion" out there without saying who you are.

    3.) I have read the Boston Globe comments since the articles were posted. I have a guess of who some of the participants are just from reading them. Parent of graduated student and someone who hates the school. Get a life people.

    Basically all I get from this:

    people who are mad because they didn't get a good lottery number or their nieces/nephews didn't.

    The school did not do what they wanted.

    People who just want Neil Kinnon's head on a platter. Say what you want about him but he was elected to ward councilor by his ward, and he and the other committee members have done an amazing job in putting our little school on the map.

    Have any of you gone to a School Board Mtg? Lifted a finger to help in anyway?? Probably not.

    Please get a full story before you start griping. It is quite obvious that you only know one side of multi-sided issues.

  27. All you so called parents that are complaining sound like a spoiled child that could not get their own way and you need a good back hand upside the head

  28. I thought that we all wanted what was best for our children. Education is the most vital aspect we can give to our children. why can't we let the educators do their jobs and teach our children so that they will be able to survive in this world. With parents like this their children will have no way to survive. Personally I think that the school is doing a fine job. When people let there personal live's get involved with matters like this the only ones that get hurt are the children.

  29. MVRCS blows away the other public options available...Annie O (who is a typical left wing bomb thrower) is the biggest hypocrit on the blog as things were so bad that she kept her kids in such a terrible school even thou the school treated her kid like "gold" (and that child earned it) yet she still complains because she has a personal gripe with Kinnon...Annie could have removed her child and put them back into the public school but clearly she knows deep down that MVRCS was a much better she should just shut the hell up and stop the "boo hoo" I was yelled at during a public meeting...get a life people! I don't see any of you big mouths willing to put in the VOLUNTEER hours to help out in any of these city programs, you would rather tell everyone how terrible things are...why don't you all put your efforts into things much more important to this country...Crappy Healthcare, Illegal Immigration, terrible unemployment, your eyes and get off the back of a educational institution that still teaches core values where teachers are required to dress up (shirts/ties for men), uniforms are required for students and the elements of the core student studies are geared towards values that will turn out better "well rounded" students than what the majority of schools and universities are turning out today with the left wing nutjobs...god help america if we can't get more dedicated educators and administrators like those working at MVRCS!

  30. It really infuriates me to see the negative remarks that I have read. I agree with the person above that we all want what is best for our children. This school is a choice if you are not happy there is the door. Many other families would like to be a part of this school.

  31. Amen, the silent majority needs to stand up to these fools. Yes put ten people in a room and they will disagree on a lot even if they are friends. This school has stuck to its core values and the Board has had a backbone from the very beginning not to waiver which has made many not happy at times. How many of you have founded a company or a non profit etc? Do you think you would turn it over to the Annie O's or someone who just thought they could do it better. Huge wait list tells you all you need to know these people set up a fine school, great academics for the parents, great extra curricalars and sports all the way down to 1st with after school programs bands, you getting that anywhere else, and yes excellent sports at the HS which many of us demanded early on. Yea I was at the football game tonight go MVRCS 32-20 over Lowell Catholic. Yea and everyone said MV couldn't make that happen all the way back when Mr Finn helped start it. Thank you. Only Charter School in State with a Football team and this year it will be over 500. I could go on and on but the rest of you ship off and open a slot for some people who really want to be here and Annie go climb back in your hole with your new friend or old anonymous losers.

  32. Great academics, great extracurricars all the way down to Kindergarten, my youngest kid took swimming lessons last year, any other school offering that, Sports at HS what they promised years ago. Yea we won the football game tonight I was there beat lowell Catholic 32-20. Only Charter School with Football Team in State. The Silent Majority must be heard here as these people are out to destroy our kids school. Say what you want to about the Board they have a backbone have stayed on track and not caved to these wanna be leaders who have never created or done anything. Give your spot up and go elsewhere and Annie just climb back into your hole. Move on your kids got a great education now leave the school and let mine and us. Can things be better absolutely but if you started a business or a non profit and would you hand the keys over to those who would destroy that vission? Why would you.
    These people are hell bent on recking the shcool so they can turn it into what you can get down the street. That is what we all left.

  33. Hey I want to know where you got my and all these people's email addresses. Talked to many of my friends and they say they all got them. It looks like you hacked into the schools system and did this or had someone inside give them to you. I am ripping mad about this and want to know if it was who did it because it was not authorized by me and I specifically was told it would be against the law for the school to provide this to anyone when I signed up. So my I hope the heck they do a complete investigation and if you hacked the system you go to jail or at least get fined boo coup bucks. And if it was someone inside who gave out my email address it is despicable. I better not get another one or I will be organizing a class action lawsuit against you and whoever this carrier is with or without the school.

  34. Oh last post is mine. I will be reporting the abuse and hope all the other parents do as well. Unauthorized stealing of school information that is private is definitely against the law. That means you must have my kids info and everything else. If I find out who you are god help you and if it is someone with a gripe inside giving out my personal information to me or my kid god help them. I hope other parents demand and investigation into this and make you pay. I am so angry so where else did you send my email address and what other information do you have on my kids that are all minors.

  35. For the record: Much to my amazement, this site has been built and maintained by other people than me. Do I support it? YES! Those of you with the Konnection can post all day long and bash me all you want--didn't realize I was a "lefty"--I have nothing to fear any more from the school. Also for the record, I have family in the school and will continue to keep an eye on what goes on and feel free as a "founding parent" to comment as I see fit. My family helped build the accolades for this school so I have every right to speak out. Isn't that one major problem with the school that people have to resort to this site to be heard?

    It doesn't matter how good the education is here, you still have to comply with the law. It doesn't matter how good the sports are, you still have to comply with the law. It doesn't matter how much money you divert from the education and facilities for all the students for a sports complex, you still have to comply with the law.

  36. Yay Annie O! To all the parents and non parents who are attacking this site please note that it is a PUBLIC school not a PRIVATE one. The Board/Administration is what is under investigation, not the school itself.

  37. I think all e-mail addresses are public and are sold by various companies. If the angry parent finds out how to stop e-mails from being purchased and used, please let me know so I can stop all of the unsolicited e-mails I get every day. This was by far one of the most rewarding e-mails I have ever received!

  38. All emails are NOT public, especially private email address space (such as a company who hosts thier owns email server) which is inteneded for specific use(s). Yahoo mail may be free but those too don't get "sold" and people have a reasonable expectation of privacy unless they have opted in to allowing mareketing "spam" sent to them. I hope the people responsible for these sleazy tactics are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as they are way out of line in not only setting up this "sorry" blog, but also gaining access to school student/parent data is very disturbing; not to mention blasting out messages to those same people without permission from them.

  39. Like I said before, blame the school for exposing your email addresses. They are very careless with confidential information. If they did send out an email with your addresses, then they alone are the ones to blame(dated 11/9/09 and titled 'When to keep a child home').

    Do you even realize how many complaints have been filed against this school since they have been opened? What a foolish mistake that they would be making if they go after who ever it is that created this blog. Lots of skeletons will come out of the closet, and it won't be pretty.

    It's really sad that this had to come to this, but apparently they still have not learned their lesson and truly believe that they are above the law. I hope that it is true that the creators of this blog sent the link to news outlets. I don't know what else it will take to get this school to wake up.

  40. what are you afraid of? the truth coming out?

  41. When you say: What are you afraid of? The truth coming out? Who are you directing that question to?

  42. I'm directing it to the Nay sayers. If everything the school does is on the legit side, they have nothing to worry about. All we are doing is asking questions. There is nothing threating about that. It's when you push us aside, or AVOID those questions - blogs like this develop.
    I'm sure the school has made all their decision keeping ethics and legality in mind, I mean they do have a lawyer on the board, he should know what the law is, right? So that's what I mean by what are u afraid of? If you tell the truth, you won't be punished, so to say.

  43. I would love to say how I know this, but trust me, this so called lawyer is not the brightest bulb amoungst lawyers.

  44. I think that those who are threatening these parents for sending the email and the blog itself should take action against the school for being so inept at protecting the privacy of the students (email addresses).
    Hopefully it was done by someone hired for their connection to the Administration and not one of the hard workers (unless they did it on purpose because they know how wrong the school has been acting). If you want to sue, sue the school. Apparently they have an attorney on retainer who needs to earn his keep.

  45. Let me guess, the attorney is a friend or associate of Neil Kinnon? And someone other than Gately?
    The real question is, is he an ethical or sleazy lawyer? I wonder if he has ever instructed the school to act in an illegal or questionable manner, like produce fake documents? Hmmmm, does the Mass Bar need to be called?

  46. There is a lawyer, Tom Brennan, on the board who is designated as secretary yet I never see him taking notes. I see Jordan Shapiro taking notes and he is the keeper of the minutes. His name does not appear anywhere on any listing of board members or staff. What's up with that? BTW: Tom Brennan is also assistant City Solicitor (lawyer) so he should not have been part of the discussions for Roosevelt Park. Are you telling me that Fran Brown, Janice Bissex and Leslie Williams did that whole deal by themselves without any input from Neil and Tom? I doubt it!

  47. Hey ever wonder how a Charter School starts. You think it just happens on its own? Yes typically like minded, yes like minded, friends and associates start them in the nature and manner they want them to be. If they do a lousy job they don't attract students or they lose them. This school has a huge waiting list excellent academics and very low attrition rate these are just plain facts. If you dispute that there is no use in even wasting time. So why on earth do you think these people should turn the school over to clowns like Annie O and whomever started this hateful blog? These types never started anything and because they lack the ability or they would have done it years ago. This is disgruntled few who have a former disgruntled employee working for them and some fairly smart IT person. Despicable attempt at creating havoc and ending this school. And Oh by the ways facing ones accuser is the American way.

  48. Ok, how about facing me since you know who I am and referred to me in particular? You love to keep mentioning me and further besmirching my name and reputation. How about you stepping out of the shadows, in the American way, and reveal your identity to me? Or are you a Koward? The authors of this blog (NOT ME! by the way) have no intentions of ending the school, just your reign of terror. If anyone will bring shame and disgrace on the school it will have been YOU. Your blind power trip and insatiable ego is finally catching up with you. Quit making this about me. I have no idea who these people are but cannot thank them enough.

    Believe me, if I had a hand in shaping this school it would only be for the better. You have created a good school but it needs a lot more work. Education is not a "hobby" for me as it is to you.

  49. A low attrition rate? What did they spike your koolaide with? You must have tripled the intake. Oh and yes, as an accuser, I faced these people many, many times for years. It was the worst experience of my life! I do not wish this experience on anyone.
    This wonderful, eye opening Blog, must be causing some serious overtime to keep those shredders running from the piles and piles of legal documents that the parents who were abused created for them. Goodness forbid any of the agencies that found out about this blog do their job for once and finally show up to investigate. I simply cannot tell you how wonderful it feels that they have finally been put under the public microscope. Anyone drive by the many real estate properties that they own after hours to see the lights on from overtime? Finally the family members are earning their paychecks.

  50. I'm not sure how any of you can honestly believe that this blog was created to destroy the school. If anything, it sounds like with all the alleged wrongdoing of the school, these people are trying to make sure that the school isn't shut down for mismanagement or criminal activity. Seems to me like they have the best interest of the school (and all of our kids, not just their own) at hand. I would be willing to bet that the critics of this site either have connections to the Administration or have never had to deal with the school for special education or safety concerns. If this site fails, you'd better hope you never do.
    I may have incorrect numbers but one comment mentioned that for the graduating class that had 33 students, they originally had over 100 students. I'm not sure that would be considered a low attrition rate. Same for the staff and teachers....Just to clarify the definition of
    1. a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength: Our club has had a high rate of attrition because so many members have moved away.
    2. a wearing down or weakening of resistance, esp. as a result of continuous pressure or harassment: The enemy surrounded the town and conducted a war of attrition.
    3. a gradual reduction in work force without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced.

  51. I love that you blame the school for my email getting to you when obviously there is someone working for this school who must have given the information. All emails are not public, the email that I gave the school so that I could communicate with both the school and the teachers is a private work email. Whoever sent out these emails had no right to contact parents this way.

  52. Another half truth on this blog. Filled with these to distort reality. First couple of graduating classes had low attritiion. That was because they had no permanent buildings and sports and everything just getting started and people didn't believe it could happen. Well it did and my kids 12th grade class has about 75 left out of 120 in 5th grade. Remember they don't take kids after 5th grade so the attrition of that class including the 8th to 9th grade cycle when all kinds of kids take different paths no matter where they are is less than 10%. So if younger grades is now lower you know the figure must be in 4-6% range. Dont let these naysayers scare you its the same ones who said we would never have a HS then we would never have real sports teams, then we would never get the IB certification. I took the leap and this place has delivered. Just a disgruntled bunch and want to destroy the school. Why would Annie O who's kids are gone be doing this. Yea and who are her relatives she told to come here. Anyone actually believe a darn thing she says. Its simply personal and anyone who has watched over the years knows it.

  53. Kudos to those who have created this site. I only wish I was as talented and able to produce so much information. My biggest fear was to leave the school and no one would stand up to the admin to save the school from them. It was only a matter of time before authorities would come and close the place down due to the questionable activities by this administration. Yes, I promoted the school to my family who have seen how my boys have succeeded. I also warned them it is not for everyone: if you aren't compliant and if you have issues, find another place. They liked the longer hours for daycare, the discipline and the uniforms.

    For those who think I have a "personal thing" with Neil I say he is the one who is making it personal with me! You keep mentioning my name and blaming me for any problem to come the school's way. I have no say in what goes on there and have endured whatever they put out just to get my kids through. I did not feel I had a choice but to leave them there. My kids were safe there. It was when they left the school on their way home they got mugged. What is the problem with wanting to make this good school a BETTER school? It is the admins refusal to comply with the law and requirements which will bring it down, not a parent being involved and asking questions.

  54. Another half truth out front about posting Board Meetings. The school has been posting them at city hall for years and I have not been a fan of some of the things that happen particularly no air conditioning but meetings have been posted and by the same attorney. City of Malden has just changed its policies recently to comply with new laws that went into effect July 1 of this year so please get your facts straight.

  55. Posting board meetings? Not really. The board has routinely taken advantage of the "emergency meeting" provision to avoid posting meetings, but creating a need for sudden meetings within 24 hrs. And when have they ever posted an agenda before?

    I can't tell you how annoying it has been to adjust my calendar so I can attend a board meeting at the announced time, only to find no one there!And then ask Chris Finn what's up: He says, "oh, they met earlier this week in an emergency session because of some... er.... um.... issues at the high school..."

    Just like when it appeared to be abusing the "executive session" rules to avoid the open meeting requirements, the board also seems to take advantage of the emergency-meeting provision to keep some board meetings out of the public eye.

    I think asking for more openness is a reasonable request.

    Why not publish all board meetings online with a simple web-cam? Can't be that hard, and it would go a long way to appeasing the many stakeholders in the MVRCS community. And to the extent the administration and board are doing everything right, that same openness will merely provide evidence to protect them from false accusation.

    Sounds like a win-win to me.

  56. To the comment about 'another half truth' regarding an Agenda for the Board Meetings could you just clarify where it is posted? We were able to looked through the Meetings for the 2009 year and didn't see anything posted for MVRCS. Was it simply posted on a bulletin board at City Hall? We know that MVRCS has sent out emails to the parents regarding up coming meetings but we don't remember seeing an Agenda (or Minutes for the Open or Executive Meetings which we believe must be kept). Can past Agendas and Minutes be found somewhere at City Hall or, better yet, online? Again, we are looking to clarify our information regarding MVRCS following the long standing open meeting laws that govern MVRCS. We appreciate your taking the time to clarify this for us.

  57. When my kids went to this school, the board meeting notices, not the agenda, as they never gave that out, would be posted on the doors of the school on the day of the meeting, but always after school closed for the day. After people complained, they said that it would be a held on a certain day of each month. But often when parents showed up for the meeting there was no board meeting. If there was, they would talk in private and not even acknowledge the parents by saying hello when they walked into the room. If they said 7:00 p.m. for a start time, it would start at 8:00 p.m. Throughout the hour that parents would sit there waiting, the board never once had the curtesy of addressing them to tell them why the meeting had not started, so parents who had to get home to their children got up and walked out. It was disgusting that they felt that it was O.K. for them to treat parents that way. It was not O.K., it was truly unprofessional. From that point on, I never gave them the time of day. No one treats me that way.

  58. The comment above this post contained foul and inappropriate language and was removed as a result. The context of the post was that this blog is disgusting....
    Here are some other things WE find disgusting:
    **The students who are 'slipping through the cracks' and not receiving an adequate education;
    **A Board of Trustees that believes themselves to be above the laws that govern them;
    **A Board Member not being ashamed of himself for his ignorance in believing that monkeys could do the job of teachers, for not valuing the efforts and talents of the teachers, for hiring and keeping friends and relatives who do little besides cut into the funds that were meant to educate the students, and for thinking so highly of himself that he is unable to appreciate why education and credentials are crucial to effectively manage a school.
    ** Parents of children who believe that it is acceptable for the school to deliver sub-standard education to some students and that those same students are not entitled to attend their school or have any rights within such school.
    ** That parents aren't believing or concerning themselves with the families who have had to battle with a school that is receiving funds to provide their child with services but not adequately delivering those services.

    Would you like me to Boo------Hoo continue with what is TRULY disgusting? As long as it isn't your child.

  59. Charliegirl - I suggest you check your email (if you have it going back that far) as you will see the email from the school that exposed all of your email addresses. We've apologized for those that resented being emailed but also explained it was the only way we knew to determine if we were the minority or majority. We have heard from many and can assure you, we are the majority. But again, we apologize for trying to inform you as to issues that most find alarming and disturbing.

  60. Anonymous said...
    BTW - Those calling others weak for not posting their names, most are doing for the sake of their children. Whats your excuse? So strong and brave, post YOUR name. Yeah, that's what I thought.

    September 9, 2010 8:10 PM

    For the sake of my childrena nd teaching them to own what you say, I have posted my own name constatnly.
    I would love to discuss some of the things I've read on this site but I'm still stuck on nameless, faceless cowards.
    I agree with the person who posted that there are,by your account, THOUSANDS of student ready to take the place of student whose parents aren't happy.

  61. Listen, MVRCS is a good school with excellent teachers. The Administration is inept and incompetent yet they hold the purse strings to mismanage the funds that pour into their coffers. Kinnon is quick to brush off items because he's as ignorant as the day is long! His family will always be granted a pass as will any other adminstratively connected family member. Who would be follish enough to ruin the MVRCS money pit? Veilleux is a good example; nunber one stooge, $103k to run the bus operation, really! So he shows up at dismissal to make sure everyone is posted at their spots so he looks like a genius?! Kathy Kinnon shows up at dismissal to bark out a few incoherent thoughts to justify her $89K existence. It's all a sham. The DOE should investigate the financial records and qualifications of the Administration personnel. Chris Finn, because of his 10 years of ass kissing to Tony Begler allows him to be Asst. Director of an educational institution? Please. He couldn't operate a profitable lemon ade stand with free lemons!! The man is a goof. He has difficulties speaking at staff meetings once a month never mind run an office. The school has some great attributes in spite of the Administration. Gina McKinnon one of the more embarrassing people in the school. She is absolutely useless. Seriously folks, what does she accomplish? NOTHING, but she is handed $75K a year to walk the halls and utter true nonsense.

  62. Well much so that we're copying it to the current discussion and will add a few additional individuals you left off the chuck wagon!

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